2 Selected Products For Summer Makeup

In this article, we share 2 Selected Products For Summer Makeup with Avon Campaign 13 2020! Summer is here and it’s time to try the glass-like skin makeup trend: Here are 3 products you need for glass-like makeup! The name of the bright, bright, vibrant, and radiant skin makeup trend: Glass skin. This make-up, made with brightly effective skin products, makes the skin radiant and radiant. So we researched the glass makeup trend and adapted it to summer with only 3 products: Here are 3 products you need for skin makeup like glass!

Luminous Effect Tinted Moisturizer

The first step in makeup like the glass is to give the skin a natural glow from the inside. For this, you should prefer a liquid skin product that has a bright effect but does not contain any glitter. The product you should use in glass skin makeup is Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer on page 44 of Avon Brochure 13 2020. This colorful moisturizer is important in two ways: First, it gives the skin a very natural, intimate glow and never contains any glitter. The second one moisturizes the skin with its special formula. You know that the most important point of glassy makeup is that the skin shines with health.

Wet-looking Illuminator

The last step of makeup like the glass is to use an illuminator that gives an intense yet natural finish by integrating with the skin. A glitter-free metallic illuminator enhances the glass-like appearance by giving it a wet glow. You can choose Avon True Color Dazzle Drops on page 46 of Avon Catalog 13 2020. The intense metallic reflection of this illuminator creates a glassy look without any weight on the skin. You can apply your illuminator over the cheekbones, the tip of your nose, the eye springs, and the lip.

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How To Prevent Blue Light From Damaging Your Skin

Today’s topic is about how to prevent blue light from damaging your skin with products of Avon Campaign 13 2020! You may think that you do not need to use sunscreen every day during this period when many of us are on the screen all day long. But did you know that some of the ingredients in sunscreen creams also protect your skin from blue light? How can we minimize the negative effects of online meetings and the series we watch on our skin?

Dermatologists underline the importance of using sunscreen cream every day. But if you are not going out, you may think that you do not need to apply sunscreen on your skin. However, according to experts, the amount of blue light we receive when we stay in sunlight for 15 minutes is the same as the amount of light we receive when we stay under an LED light for 1 hour.

In addition to the UVA / UVB rays emitted by the sun, digital displays also emit HEV rays, which can cause redness, bloating, and tone inequality on your skin. Blue light emitted by the indispensable screens of the modern world, one of the most important factors of tone inequalities and crease formation in the skin, penetrates deeper from the harmful UV rays of the sun and leaves more permanent damage.

Sun Care from Avon Catalog 13 2020;

In addition to UVA / UVB rays, you can minimize damage to your skin with sunscreen creams formulated with protective ingredients such as Indian ginseng, which is a content that protects your skin against HEV rays with its anti-aging properties. With Indian ginseng, you can not only protect your skin from HEV rays emitted by blue screens but also enliven your skin and strengthen the protective barrier against external factors.

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Honey For Face And Skin

Who does not want to have clean and lively skin in natural ways, time to check Honey For Face And Skin! Clean, moisturize, and reduce the signs of aging with a honey mask. Here is all about the miracle of honey on the skin. We do our best to keep our skin looking bright and vibrant, smooth, and moist enough. We pay a small fortune to expensive skincare products. By choosing natural and organic products, we protect our skin from chemical products as much as possible. Also, you can check out Avon Campaign 13 2020!

However, it is possible to do our skincare in completely natural ways by using the products in our kitchen. One of these products is honey. Honey, a natural antibiotic, cleanses the skin and protects it from acne. It provides the moisture that your skin needs with its moisturizing effect. With a honey mask, your skin gets a bright and vivid appearance.

Benefits of Honey Mask for Skin

It fights acne and blackheads. Honey, which has an antibacterial effect, prevents the formation of bacteria on the skin. With this feature, it cleanses the skin from acne and blackheads and prevents new acne formation.
The hydrogen peroxide substance in the honey fights skin spots. Reduces the appearance of skin damage, burn marks, and blemishes.
Moisturizes the skin. It protects the natural moisture balance of the skin and restores the lost moisture.
It increases the brightness of the skin. The honey mask renews the skin cells, making the skin look more radiant.
This mask can be used as a peeling. Honey, a natural cleanser, cleanses the skin without harming it. Ideal for sensitive skin, the honey mask can be used as a natural peeling.
It reduces the signs of aging.

Moisturizing Honey Mask

Mix honey and coconut oil evenly to moisturize your skin. Coconut oil and honey have a moisturizing effect. Apply the coconut oil honey mask, which will moisturize your skin, on clean skin, wait ten minutes, and rinse with warm water. Do not forget to apply it regularly in order for your skin to get the moisture it deserves.

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How to Dye Hair at Home

How to dye hair at home, what kind of dye we need to get, how to keep the tone and we will try to answer as many questions as we can with products from Avon Campaign 13 2020. There are some important points to be done before and during hair coloring.

Haircare Products from Avon Catalog 13 2020;

Hair Washing

Wash your hair 1-2 days before. Of course, if you dye on newly washed hair, it will, of course, but if you wash it for at least 24 or 48 hours before, you leave time for natural oils to help the hair hold the dye. Additional information, if you normally use cream, do not use it in the last wash before dyeing your hair, as the cream will destroy those natural oils that have formed.

Start by putting your newspaper papers on the floor and items, wearing an old t-shirt and preferably putting an old dark towel on your shoulders. Fasten the towel to your neck with a buckle, apply petroleum jelly to your scalp and around your ears, around your ears, and comb your hair.

Separate Your Hair

After combing and opening your hair thoroughly, divide it into 4. First, divide it in half and then divide it into two horizontal pieces. Separate these separated parts with buckles so that they do not touch each other.

First Bottoms, Then Ends

Apply the dye from the bottoms to the ends. If you dye the middle separation at the top, and then by combing the parts under the strip, you will be sure that the most visible places will be closed. After the upper part dyeing is finished, complete the dyeing process by separating the tufts in the nape horizontally into strips this time. After dyeing your scalp completely, comb them so that if there are places where the dye does not reach, make sure you also reach them. And after dyeing the ends of the hair with the remaining dye, (with gloves), massage your scalp with your hands to absorb all the dye and ensure that there is no dry place. Comb for the last time and set up your watch.

Washing the Hair

The most dye is kept for 30 minutes, but you should still read the instructions on the box and wait accordingly. When the time is up, do not shampoo immediately. First of all, if you can do it warm and even with cold water, run the dye in your hair. Let the dye flow completely from your hair until it becomes clear. If you wait for your hair for at least 1 hour and shampoo it, you will make the dye more permanent. Also, you can fix the dye by using the cream from the dye kit after shampoo and care for your hair.

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Avon Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil

In this article, you will see some useful information about jojoba oil and Avon Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil from Avon Campaign 13 2020! Jojoba oil, one of the most beloved medicinal oils in the cosmetic world, is both antiallergenic, antibacterial, and an awesome moisturizer. If you want to shoot two birds with a stone and get a nutritious, repairing, and moisture bomb product for both your hair and skin, don’t miss the Aromatica organic jojoba oil!

The use of jojoba oil in cosmetics is very rich. It is among the indispensable formulas in hair and skincare. Being moisturizing, antibacterial, and antioxidant, it is a nutritious and restorative product alternative for the skin. Jojoba is also very effective in hair health. Due to its similar properties, it provides both scalp and hair to be much stronger, well-groomed, and healthy.

Avon Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil is a pretty popular bath oil in the USA. Pamper yourself with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil, a jojoba-infused luxury bath oil that helps your skin and mind with its uplifting botanical and herbal scent. For more details, you can visit on page 65 of this Avon Catalog!

The benefits of jojoba oil on the skin

-Very good makeup remover. With a few drops of jojoba oil that you will drip on the cotton you soak in mild water, you can quickly get rid of even the heaviest makeup remnants.
-Moisturizer. Thanks to its beneficial ingredients and vitamin E, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
-It is especially effective in removing acne and blackheads on the skin.
-Anti-aging. Its scrumptious formula plays a major role in minimizing wrinkles and repairing the skin. It gives the skin suppleness.
-Oil/moisture stabilizer. Its lightweight formula, which is easily absorbed, causes the skin to maintain a balance of oil and moisture. This means more balanced skin, less acne, and skin problems.
-Supports collagen production. Increasing collagen production decreasing with age is a great option to prevent early signs of aging.

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