Prepare Your Skin For Spring In 4 Steps

Prepare your skin for spring with products of Avon Campaign 6 2020! It is so easy. All you need to do is following these steps! Also, you should take a look at Avon Catalog 6 2020. Be sure, you will see pretty useful and quality selections! When you think of spring cleaning, your last skin may come to your mind. Reviewing your skincare routine with the warming of the weather and replacing some of the products you use will help prepare your skin for the new season.

Reform your makeup materials

It’s time to say goodbye to makeup products that have already expired. Spring means innovation… By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can add new, spring-colored products to your makeup bag. Also, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes.

Replace your moisturizer and foundation

Replace your intense foundation and moisturizers that you use from cold winter days with lighter ones. In this way, your foundation will not flow under the influence of the heat during the day and you will have a fresher look.

Don’t go out without sunscreen

Spring is coming, be careful not to go out without sunscreen while the sun is showing more of your face. Replace the sunscreen with the protection of 30 or more every 2-3 hours when leaving the house and especially during contact with water during the day.

Protect your skin against spring allergies

With the increase of pollen in the air, your skin may become sensitive if you have an allergic body. Especially redness may occur on your face as well as excessive dryness and itching. In order to reduce these ailments even a little, you can strengthen your immune system and fight allergens by including foods with a little more vitamin C in your diet. However, if these measures are still not sufficient, it is useful to consult a specialist doctor.

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What You Should Remember Choosing Hair Care Products

Choosing hair care products is quite important for your hair! Are the shampoo, conditioner and styling tools you use suitable for your hair? It is very important to choose the right product even in a basic process such as washing hair. We shared the tricks of choosing the right hair care products for you. Hair is the single most valuable and unchanging accessory of a person. Beautiful and shiny hair makes you look extremely stylish; A lifeless and unsmooth hair can be quite annoying. Nobody is born with bad hair, it is our habits and hair care. In this article, you will see some useful advice and products from Avon Campaign 6 2020!

You should determine your daily hair care habits according to the texture and type of your hair because each hair type has different needs. The best way to determine the steps to be taken in hair care and to get rid of your hair problems is to consult a dermatologist first. If you are wondering how to choose the most used shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, and care products in daily hair care, I think these tips can help you get started.

Shampoos: Choose by scalp

The most basic of your hair care habits is to wash your hair. Using the wrong shampoo in cleaning your hair can cause you to go around with oily, dull, lifeless looking hair. You should choose your shampoo according to your scalp, not your hair. When you decide to buy shampoo, you should first know how your scalp is. Thus, you can choose the most suitable for you from the oily, dry, dyed and anti-spill properties written on shampoos. You should take a look at Avon Catalog 6 2020 for the best shampoo!

The second step in your hair care should be to choose a suitable conditioner for you. You should choose your conditioner according to the texture and type of your hair strands. The best conditioner is that moisturizes your hair from the bottom to the tip, makes it easy to comb and look shiny, smooth and silky, and does not lubricate and aggravate the hair while doing these.

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Avon Campaign 8 2020

Avon Campaign 8 2020 is available now! You should discover the newest product range in Avon! Dozens of unbeatable opportunities, the best selections, and many more are collected by one address! You should experience awesome cosmetic shopping with Avon! There are many types of products from different categories! Personal care products, make-up products, accessories, and many essentials are waiting for you! Moreover, this Avon Catalog has a wide range of products. Therefore, you will find what you are looking for related to cosmetics easily! Let’s take a look at this Avon Brochure! Also, in this article, you will some useful skincare tips, let’s browse it!

avon campaing 8 2020

Skincare Tips

Skincare products with a wide range of products; It also meets your many needs such as sunscreens, blackheads, chest products. Sun creams used in summer and winter prevent skin spots. If groomed men prefer male care products; These are products such as after shaving lotions, beard serums, body and face moisturizers, tonics. Special creams produced for tattoos keep it new with its color-protecting feature.

Skincare product prices vary according to the usage area, product features, and brands. You can get the products with a wide price range by making choices that suit your needs. Using skin care products is a future-oriented investment for beauty and health. It is important to choose products that are suitable for your skin type in your care product purchases. Skincare products that are preferred by women and men who care about looking well-groomed and who care about their personal care are offered with a wide range of products.

The benefits of skincare products

The benefits of skincare products do not count, but regular and continuously used skin products to protect your skin against aging effects and external factors. It prevents pores from growing and purifies from dead cells. Crack formation and tightening problems are largely eliminated thanks to the treatments you will make with products specific to the regions. It protects the elasticity of your skin by activating the blood circulation with the products you will use on your body and face. Hand and nail care is important in terms of hygiene and gives a beautiful and fresh look. In addition, regular maintenance to your feet prevents problems such as odors and bad appearance.

For healthy, smooth and vibrant skin, it is necessary to use skincare products regularly and continuously. Using products that are suitable for their purpose and suitable for the region where they are used provides more efficiency. Your skin, which shines with care and health, and your well-groomed hands and feet will increase your self-confidence.

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Cosmetic Products You Should Use With Caution

Today’s topic is about cosmetic products you should use with caution and Avon Campaign 5 2020. When we use the cosmetic products in our daily care routine more and more frequently, we unknowingly endanger our skin health. We have compiled the products that you need to use carefully.

Makeup Base

Most makeup contains silicone in some content. Although silicon helps the pores to become smooth, it absorbs sweat and oils and causes flaking. Use bases for a special night or when you feel your skin needs some help. Also, be sure to use a good cleanser that will help remove silicone from your skin completely.

Purifying Shampoo

Purifying shampoos can be a good product to remove residue from your hair and detox your hair. Whatever purifying shampoo you use, all of them remove most of the sebum, which helps your roots and scalp stay healthy. Without sebum, your hair can get too dry and begin to break. For this reason, it is recommended to use purifying shampoos once a week or, if necessary, no more than twice a week. If you are looking for hair products, you should focus on Avon Catalog 5 2020 in detail!

Cleaning Brushes

We think that our face is cleaned better with cleaning brushes. Even soft-headed cleaning brushes can cause your skin to dry out, acne, and even psoriasis and eczema. Try to use these products several days a week. You can choose to use it at night, especially when you wear more than usual.

Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipsticks

The permanence of matte liquid lipsticks is really effective but the ingredients in these lipsticks can cause wear and tear on your lips. You can remove your lipsticks with products that contain coconut oil. You can rest your lips by leaving your lips natural or using a colored lip gloss.

Hair Creams

Although hair conditioners are one of the products we use most in the shower, it can actually aggravate and lubricate our hair. It even matters. Be careful not only to apply the conditioner to your hair but from the bottom. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after creaming your hair while showering.

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Practical Eye Makeup

This article’s topic is about Practical Eye Makeup with products of Avon Campaign 5 2020! As every Avon Brochure, you will come across unbeatable opportunities! Personal care products, fragrances, makeup products, and many essential things are available on Avon Campaign February 2020! Therefore, you should check out all the pages and enjoy discovering new products of Avon!


Start by applying base or concealer to the area from the lash line to your eyebrow, this will help you use your eye makeup for longer. If you are going to use several shades, start with a lighter shade first and apply it across the area between your lash line and the eyebrow. Then move from darker to lighter using darker tints. For a natural look, you should distribute the shadow well, the colors should be mixed well.


Instead of looking directly in the mirror, get closer, tilt your head and bring your chin towards the mirror. Draw lines as short as possible to continue the lines from the inside outwards and then connect them. If you can’t get a streak, you can create a similar effect with a pencil eye shadow. If you still have the desired result after trying it many times, distribute your eyeliner with the help of the headlight brush to create a smoky look.


You should always apply your mascara from the eyelash bottoms to the ends. If you apply it by drawing zigzags from right to left while pulling from bottom to top, you will get a fuller look. If you want to have a more intense effect and have big eyes, you should also apply mascara on your lower lashes. But don’t forget to take the excess of the tip of the mascara brush before applying this. And finally, you should never pump the mascara brush. This will cause air to enter your mask and dry out immediately.

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