How to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

If you are not removing your makeup properly, you may come across some problems so let’s check how to remove your makeup before bed with Avon Campaign 15 2020! For example, pimples may appear on your face, swelling of your eye edges, thin lines may begin to show themselves if you are not removing your makeup. After reading our article about how you can clean skin with which products, you will never sleep without removing your makeup.

Cleansing Your Skin Makeup;

Make sure your face cleanser cleans both your makeup and skin in depth! Apply the cleanser by massaging your face. If your makeup is excessive, clean it twice. Thus, you remove your makeup in the first cleaning, and in the second, you clean your skin. Also, apply your cleanser to your neck so that the foundation remaining in this area can be removed from the skin. You can get rid of both makeup and dirt accumulated in the pores by using the device instead of manual cleaning. Also, thanks to the cleaning device, you can get cleaner and brighter skin. Use tonic to finish all this cleaning routine in the best way possible. So you can easily see if there is any makeup residue on the cotton.

Removing persistent lipsticks can sometimes be difficult. First, clean the lip with your regular makeup remover. Then apply Avon Lip Balm to your lip and let it sit for 3 minutes. Wipe your lip with a cotton swab moistened with hot water. After rinsing the whole face once more, dry your lips. Then apply Avon Lip Balm once more to moisturize the lips. See Avon Catalog 15 for this.

If you do not have a special cleaner that removes waterproof eye makeup, be sure to take it. You can get much better results with these sensitive eye area cleansers. Pour the cleanser on cotton and leave the cotton on your eyes for 10 seconds. Thanks to this period, eye makeup dissolves automatically and you can easily delete it. Be careful not to press too much. If you press it, you will cause your eyes to redden, your eyelashes fall out and fine lines appear.

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Prep Your Skin for a Summer Vacation

Time to browse useful tips about how to prep your skin for a summer vacation with Avon Campaign 15 2020! Traveling is fun, but the reactions of the skin during the trip are not very good. But don’t worry, we have listed nice and comfortable care options for you.

Continue Your Routine

Putting your entire skincare set on the holiday suitcase may seem a little difficult. But there is also a small solution: samples. 10 ml day or night cream samples are great for vacation use. In addition to these small samples, you can put your cleanser and toner in 100 ml of cosmetic travel containers.

Multipurpose Balm

There are dry lips, hands, nails, a multi-purpose balm that will do all this: Avon Naturals Essential Balm. You can accomplish a lot with this small and dense nutritious product that you can put in your bag during your travels. You should check this Avon Catalog and find many essentials like this balm!

If you encounter dull and dry skin when you get off the plane, use a lightening moisturizer. So you intensely moisturize your skin and get a radiant look. The other option may be a gel mask. It does a great job of revitalizing tired-looking skin in just 10 minutes. You can reach many moisturizers on Avon C15. Moreover, the prices of them have dropped! You should check out awesome Avon Deals!

If you are traveling at night, you may often encounter swollen eyes and dark eye circles. For a quick solution, leave your favorite eye cream in the fridge overnight before you set off and apply on the go. Tired looking eyes come to life and refresh with the coolness of the product.

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Tips On How To Apply Illuminators

Here are tips on how to apply illuminators with Avon Campaign 15 2020! After contouring makeup, we shared with you the rules that will reduce your mistakes share for the most effective makeup trend strobing. Apply your illuminator correctly and light up your skin!

The Right Tone;

Lighteners are not suitable for all skin tones. You should definitely make sure that you use an illuminator that will easily adapt to it, rather than an illuminator that does not fit your skin tone. If you have dark skin or a medium-dark skin, you should choose a tone from the range from bronze to peach tones. Even if you are pale-skinned, translucent pearl shades will be a suitable choice for you. You can find many illuminators on Avon Catalog 15 2020 for every skin tone!


Are you using a cream illuminator? Then you need to use your fingers to make your skin tone look even. First gently warm it at your fingertips and gently apply it to the areas you want to illuminate. Never use liquid illuminators on the powder foundation. This will make your foundation look unstable. In this case, you should either choose a powder-based illuminator or switch to a liquid foundation.

Apply to the Right Places

Illuminators that you have not applied to the right place can make your face appear wider than it is. So avoid applying it over the entire face and apply the illuminator so that your cheekbones are prominent, revealing your lips and nose.


Using too many illuminators will make you look dull instead of adding a sparkle to you. If you don’t want a really dull skin look, remember the task of the illuminants: it should reflect the light well and make you look alive.

How much you need to apply the illuminator is also related to how much light your environment is in. You can apply the illuminator under dim and soft light for as long as you wish, while you should apply traces in sunlight. Therefore, it is useful to think about what kind of light you will be under while applying the illuminator.

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Body Care Tips in Hot Summer

Time to browse Body Care Tips in Hot Summer with products of Avon Campaign 15 2020! For the hot summer season, you should also focus your body on your care routine. Discover our summer care guide for a smoother, softer touch and healthier skin.

Dry Brushing

The dry brush has many benefits. This application, which purifies the skin from dead skin and accelerates blood circulation, is perfect for smoother skin and easier shaving experience. Also, body scrubs are also among the secret heroes of the summer season. This step, which cleanses the skin from the accumulated dirt, cleans the pores and synchronizes the texture is among our must-have.

If you complain about acne in your body, you may want to find a definitive solution to this problem during the bikini season. You can say goodbye to intruders with salicylic acid products that you will include in your shower sessions.

Protective Shield

Applying sunscreen is one of the most important maintenance steps for hot summer. This step, which you will take before going out to the sun and you need to renew every few hours, is a strong ally against the harsh and aging effect of UV rays. If you want to get a good sunscreen, you should check out Avon Catalog 15 2020! Moreover, you will come across unbeatable savings on these products!

After the Sun

After sunbathing, you should breathe and relax your skin. Therefore, by getting support from after sun products, you can refresh your skin that is sensitive from the sun and remove the corrosive effect of the sun rays. This app also helps make your tan more permanent.


You should show the same care for your body as you do not forget to moisturize your face. Dry skin looks both flaky and leads to a split tan. Therefore, fill your water reserves with moisturizing formulas after showering. There are many special moisturizers on Avon C15! You must try it!

Caring oils are one of the most effective products to pamper your skin and provide extra support to it. With these moisturizing and soothing oils, you can take action against cracks, give your skin a soft touch and even your skin texture.

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4 Skincare Rules Everyone Should Know

In this article, we shared 4 Skincare Rules Everyone Should Know with products of Avon Campaign 15 2020! Why is skin care important? Because our skin is our biggest barrier against external damages. And it works continuously to protect us every day. Investing in the right skincare will be one of the best decisions you can make.


Every step in skincare actually prepares the skin for the next step. Therefore, it is very important to start with maintenance. The way to do this is to use a good cleanser and tonic. Cleaning your skin is essential for skincare because it removes skin residue, dirt, and other things we don’t want, and it also increases the capacity of your skin to retain moisture as it needs.

Using tonic is one of the stages of natural cleansing and prepares your skin for later. It lowers the pH level of your skin, calms the skin, and provides easy absorption of moisturizers and serums. Do not keep your skin from a good start; this is the first step for great skin!

Eye Care;

If you do not want your age to be determined early, you should pay particular attention to your eye area, because the signs of aging are often seen here first. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and very suitable for irritation, so it is necessary to use this area-specific eye cream, not any day or night cream. You must try Avon Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System! You can get it at only $21.99!


Serums penetrate deep into your skin, even deeper thanks to their powerful technology and increase the effectiveness of your day or night cream thoroughly. If you are looking for a good serum, you should try Avon Power Serum. For more details, you can check out on page 30 of this Avon Catalog.


In the last step, we moisturize our skin using day or night cream. Day creams provide the moisturizing your skin needs throughout the day. And it also protects against external stresses, corrosive sun, and air pollution. Therefore, skin creams are generally formulated with active preservatives.

Night creams meet the skin’s extra nutritional needs. Just as you rest at night and gather your energy for the next day, your skin is like that. That’s why it’s so important to help your skin recover and regenerate using a night cream. You can find good day / night creams on Avon C15! Let’s browse them!

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