Avon Campaign 11 2020

Avon Campaign 11 2020 is available now! Great product options, special deals, and a wide range of products for spring are available in this Avon Catalog.

avon campaing 11 2020

So you will reach fragrances, accessories, skincare products, makeup products, and personal care products. Moreover, you will get these special products with awesome opportunities to reduce to cost of cosmetics shopping! Also, in this article, you will see some tips about the Use of Blush by Face Shape. If you are interested in this topic, you should read it!

Use of Blush by Face Shape

While the blush, which gives color to the face, adds vitality to your face when it is used correctly, it will cause the outlines to appear with a very bad image by destroying the naturalness of your face since it is wrong to use. At this point, the use of blush according to the face shape is an important makeup detail. You can browse Avon Catalog 11 2020 and get the best blush!

Here is the right blush usage according to the face shapes;

If your face shape is square;

To make your face look softer, using blush on your cheeks starting from cheekbones will make you look softer than it is. After applying the blush, you can distribute a light blush on your face with a thin brush and add a softer air to your face.

If your face shape is round;

You can apply your blush in a triangular shape from your cheeks to your temples. If you do not want to show a round shape as it has a round face, you can distribute your blush with a thick brush.

If your face shape is oval;

You can apply your blush circularly, starting slightly above your cheeks. The use of slightly closed tones on oval faces will prevent the facial contours from appearing more than they are.

If your face shape is long;

Starting under your cheeks, applying your blush in circular shapes will add a more vivid atmosphere to your face. We recommend that you do not apply your blush more than necessary. Otherwise, your facial features may be impaired.

If your face shape is rectangular;

We can say that it is best for you to apply your blush horizontally starting from your cheeks downwards.

If your cheekbones are dislocated;

It will be ideal for you to choose a blush in slightly more closed shades of your skin color. Putting your blush on your cheekbones will cover your cheekbones to a large extent and make your face look softer than it is.

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Winter Foot Care Tips

Today’s topic is about Winter Foot Care Tips with Avon Campaign 8 2020! Do not neglect the care of your feet in the winter months. It is hard to see our feet naked when the winter season comes and the weather gets cold. If he stays in the shoes and boots, until the evening, he always experiences stuffiness and sweating. This can cause our feet to have problems. It starts to become odor in the foot as well as itching appears. But how should we care for our feet in winter?

First of all, we should be careful not to tire our feet too much. Do you always work in a standing position? When you have the opportunity, try to sit down and rest your feet for a short time. Pay attention to the suitability of your shoes for your health. Be careful not to wear shoes of the type that will tire you (for example, high-heeled shoes will cause waist and back pain over time, shoes that wring your feet will cause your foot shape to deteriorate and become more stuffy. Your shoes should be ventilated to prevent foot odor.

Take care to wash your feet after removing the shoes every day. In fact, leave your feet in warm or hot water for 10-15 minutes to make them listen, you will feel that you are resting. You can add special scents to this water where you wash your feet, it will be more impressive. In each bathroom, try to rub so that your dead skin disappears. This will prevent cracks from forming. Be careful not to wear the same socks every day. Stay away from nylon or socks that will sweat your feet. After washing your feet, definitely supplement with creams. Relax by massaging with moisturizing foot care creams. Many nerves on the soles of your feet will be stimulated and will help you relax. After doing this care, you can sleep well by wearing a cotton sock.

Your well-groomed and beautiful feet will make you happy when you get up in the morning. There are more products on Avon Catalog 8 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, you can follow us on Facebook! So here you go!

Hair Colors Suitable for Medium Skin

In this article, you will see hair colors suitable for medium skin with Avon Campaign 8 2020! Ladies with medium skin can be very remarkable even with only skin colors. Of course, if they don’t use the wrong hair color. Hair color is a very important detail in emphasizing the tone of the skin. If you have the wrong hair color, your skin color may look too dark and you may be considered brunette. But you can also appear in very light shades, that is, you can look like it has a skin tone close to white. Ladies with medium skin are generally very satisfied with their skin types because they can easily use their desired makeup colors.

Since medium skinned people have skin tones that seem to be lightly burned, the most beautiful hair colors that suit medium skin are brown and dore shades, chocolate coffees, golden tones, light copper tones, and dark hair tones.

If the eyes are colored besides the medium skin; In addition to hair colors and violet tones with blue and purple tones, ashy brown and natural tones will suit well.

Haircare From Avon Catalog 8 2020;

Ladies who want to use yellow tones should be very careful. Because every shade of yellow is not suitable for medium skin. The most useful yellow tones are ashy yellows, honey-yellow I platinum yellow and strawberry yellow, but those with dark dark medium should stay away from these colors. The most suitable hair color for medium skin closer to dark color is blue-black tones. Dark and ash brown will suit well, but blue-black will look much nobler. In addition, skin colors will appear lighter.

Red hair color tones look different in ladies with medium skin color. In fact, we can say that the red color suits best after black. If the skin color is completely medium, dark red, purple, burgundy colors will look amazing, but light-medium tones will be a good choice if you prefer copper.

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Fragrance Choice Based on Skin and Hair Color

Today’s topic is about Fragrance Choice Based on Skin and Hair Color with products of Avon Campaign 8 2020! Perhaps the choice of perfume, which is one of the biggest mistakes women make, can often make women look worse. For this reason, every woman should choose perfumes that are compatible with her skin scent. In addition to creating a beautiful and clean fragrance in the life of a lady, the perfume ensures that it exhibits an attractive, sexy and attractive stance. Perfume, which is one of the most important factors that enable men to be influenced by a woman, should be chosen in harmony with skin and hair color.

Here are Fragrance Choice

The season is also very effective in choosing perfumes. For example, while heavy scents used in winter add a more feminine and sexy atmosphere, the same fragrance may seem more repelling and sharp in summer. Our recommendation is to make your perfume selection in 2 directions and to separate the odors you use in summer and in winter. The perfumes that you separate as summer and winter perfume will be found quite effective by your environment and will envy your fellows too much.

Auburn ladies: Auburn-skinned ladies may prefer fragrances consisting of a floral and spice mixture. A perfume in this combination will also look, pretty auburn ladies.

Blond ladies: Due to their light skin, the smells of flowers are also in harmony with blond women. However, you can prefer floral fragrances alone, but not in a mixture with vanilla fragrance.

Red women: Since the striking red hair adds a different atmosphere to your posture, red women can use their perfume preferences for fresh scents that give a soft feeling. Fresh scents will create a feeling of freshness and relief on your skin.

Brunette ladies: The combination of rose and jasmine fragrances will be the right choice for women with dark skin. The scent of rose will give brunette women an attractive air, while the scent of jasmine will give fresh air.

Fragrances From Avon Catalog 8 2020;

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Subtleties Of Pedicure

Time to learn subtleties of pedicure with products of Avon Campaign 8 2020! Our feet are an organ that carries us and relieves the tiredness of the whole day. It has a rare structure and is an important region that we need to take care of. With the help of care and massage, we can reduce the pain in our feet. It will be enough to apply the pedicure method we will talk about once a month.

To have well-groomed feet, first, fill in a bucket of hot water with the warmth you can withstand.

When your feet are warm in this water near the cold, remove it and start the rasping process.

Continue this process until you realize that you are completely free of dead cells on your feet.

Then pour baby oil or olive oil into the warm water in the same bucket and leave your feet for 15 minutes.

Finally, you can start cutting your nails. Get your nails from pedicure tools to cut your nails in the desired length and shape.

If you wish, you can apply a polish to your toenails to make it look well-groomed.

You can keep your feet moist by using foot cream once a day at the end of a month, 2 times a day at first.

Note: We recommend that you do not leave the inside of your toes moist. As a result, we do not want you to cause fungal growth.

Useful Selection From Avon Catalog 8 2020;

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