Makeup Tricks to Look Better in Photos

Discover makeup tricks to look better in photos with Avon Campaign 22 2020! If you are into the wonderful photos you come across while browsing social media, how about trying these makeup tricks? Sometimes you can share selfies to feel good, sometimes to let the world know how good you look. But as this trend spreads, people begin to compare themselves with other users. If you want to take and share more cool photos, check out our article!

Use a Makeup Primer

Before you start your makeup, prepare your skin with a base for makeup. If possible, the base you use should be one that shrinks and hides the pores on your skin. To keep your skin looking smooth and perfect, do not skip this step. You should try Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector. See Avon Catalog 22 2020 and see more details about it!

Take advantage of the games of light

You know how effective makeup tricks are. Therefore, do not forget to take advantage of contour art. You can shape your face by leaving the areas you want to highlight lighter, and coloring the areas you want to cover and push back with a dark foundation. So you can get a much more photogenic image.

Cover the flaws well

Although you prefer thin foundations that look natural in daily life, photos can capture and magnify the imperfections on your face due to light. For this reason, we recommend that you use foundations with high coverage and completely cover skin imperfections. After distributing the foundation over your face with the help of a sponge, you can go over the defective areas one more time. But balance it well and make sure that the foundation does not look like a mask. Also, don’t forget to spread your foundation around your neck. You can find many essentials that cover skin on Avon C22 2020. Browse Avon foundations and concealers!

Take care of eye makeup

Cameras swallow colors from time to time, so when you use very nude colors, you may not get the effect you want in photos. Even though daily life does not take away the exaggeration, a little exaggeration for cameras may turn out to be a plus. Do not forget to highlight the eyelashes. You can make your eyes look more attractive by using false eyelashes.

Lip makeup

Make sure to frame your lips with a pencil. Thus, the shape of your lips will appear more clearly in the photos.

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Avon Campaign 25 2020

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Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector

Makeup primer; Although it may not seem very important for a beginner to makeup, it is a step to be applied for a permanent and smooth skin makeup. Although it does not seem to be very important for beginners, it is actually a phrase that should be applied for permanent and smooth skin make-up. Varieties that differ according to the purpose of use are also produced to provide the effect you want.

Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector smoothes your skin and prepares it for makeup. And it is used to increase the permanence of makeup. At the same time, it provides an easier distribution of the product to be applied to the skin. It prevents the product from filling the lines, preventing a bad appearance. Although it may seem like a non-essential product at first, it is a very important stage for the whole make-up.

If you like a matte look in your make-up, if you like a matte look, it is useful to choose a shimmery primer. In addition, another factor you should pay attention to when choosing a product is your skin type. Dry skin will love the hydrating bases, while oily skin will love mattifying bases. In addition, if you have blushing skin, you can easily hide your blushes behind your foundation by using a primer with a green undertone.

How to use Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector?

First of all, it is necessary to wash your skin and create a clean base for makeup. Then, moisten your skin with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and wait for your skin to absorb the product for a while. Before using the foundation, you can spread the make-up base on the whole skin with a tampon first and then in circular motions. Wait a few minutes before applying the foundation and allow the product to settle on the skin. It is suitable for application with your fingers or with the help of a brush or sponge.

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Short Hairstyles for 2020

Although short hairstyles are generally thought to look nice on petite-type women, it creates cool styles for tall women so we shared some tips and products from Avon Campaign 22 2020. If you want to change your office style and create a new style for yourself, you should browse the popular short hairstyles of the season and even try them with the help of wigs.

Short haircuts, which are generally thought to be used in summer, add an incredible atmosphere when combined with plush coats and turtlenecks. You can easily find short hairstyles that you will often come across in both red carpet and street style in 2020 in today’s article. 2020 short hairstyles dazzle with the most trendy models of the year.

If you want to have your hair cut short, if your forehead is wide, you can cut a messy forehead. This will both change your mood and make it easier to shape your hair as there will be no sharp lines in the cut.

If the structure of your hair is thin, you can try the bob cut style, which is the fashion of the season, to show it plump. While this cut makes the hair look fuller, it also creates a younger look by revealing the facial features.

If your facial structure is thin and your skin is wheat, the hairstyle you will use may be in favor of the shortest models called Lion’s head. The lion head short hairstyle, which conquers the hearts with its ease of use and low maintenance, will be indispensable for the street fashion of 2020.

Haircare Products from Avon Catalog 22 2020;

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Popular Nail Polish Colors in Autumn

See popular nail polish colors in autumn with Avon Campaign 22 2020! The weather is getting colder, the leaves turn yellow. We leave the vibrant colors of summer behind. While our clothes and hair are affected, the shades of nail polishes we use on our nails are changing in 2020/2021, just like every year. In today’s article, we share with you the nail polish colors you can use in autumn.

Autumn is the harbinger of the winter month. In this season, the weather gradually gets colder, warning people to prepare for the winter. Trees lose their green beauty, shed their leaves, plants turn yellow, animals begin to prepare for winter. Each season has its own colors. Nails are also important in the autumn season when we return to earth tones, reds, and burgundy as well as natural colors. The nail fashion of 2020 seems to add new perspectives. We are entering a period in which colors are not very intense, patterns and prints are effective. You will be able to find new designs for yourself, inspired by the suggestions.

Popular Nail Polish Colors in Autumn

Although black is among the indispensables of every season, those who want to try a different color but as wild as black should definitely try deep and characterful dark blue tones this season.

It’s time to shelve your caramel and peach nudes, which go well with tan skin. This season’s nude color is quite light, neutral, and muted.

Gray has been a staple in nails for the last few seasons. This natural shade is again among the favorites with its new undertone that winked with blue/khaki.

From burnt sand colors to fired earth tones, the terracotta range is one of the season’s latest edition favorites in a manicure.

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Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss

See the best ways to stop hair loss with products of Avon Campaign 22 2020! With the arrival of the autumn months, the number of people who have hair loss problems is also increasing. Well, why does our hair fall out, the effects of seasonal changes on hair loss and protective measures can be found in this article.

Hair loss is a common problem in men and women and negatively affects the quality of life of patients. In fact, every strand of hair falls out when it completes its development. Although this period varies according to our genetic characteristics, it is 2-6 years on average.

At the same time, environmental factors such as sea salt, pool chlorine, sun rays exposed during the summer months cause hair to wear and increase hair loss. However, studies have shown that hair growth increases, and hair loss decreases in summer to protect the skull from sunlight.

What are the factors that increase hair loss?

Hair growth is a very complex process. Our genetics and hormones generally determine the density and thickness of our hair. So the first rule for healthy hair is good genetics. However, various hormonal disorders increase hair loss. An important cause of hair loss is the reactive hair loss seen in most women after childbirth. Physical factors such as drugs used by the person or intense chemicals and high heat applied to the hair also increase hair loss.

What should be done to prevent hair loss?

Supportive treatments are also important in hair loss. Supplements are generally known as supplements and contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, such as iron, selenium, biotin, zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and niacin. See Avon C22 2020. There are many useful products including those vitamins!

Haircare Products from Avon Catalog 22 2020;

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