Best Way to Prep Your Skin for Makeup

See the best way to prep your skin for makeup with the latest Avon Campaign! Talent and the quality of makeup can get you closer to perfect makeup, but another element of perfect makeup is creating a beautiful base. Therefore, the better you take care of your skin, the better your makeup looks. We wrote about the daily routines you should use before make-up.

Regular skincare

Keeping your skin clean is the most important step in skincare. You should clean your skin twice a day with a face wash suitable for your skin type. You can use peeling for deep cleansing once a week. Instead, it is possible to benefit from face masks produced according to the needs of your skin. Moisturizing the skin is one of the most important steps. Even if you have oily skin, you should not skip this step. If you create a skincare routine like this for yourself, you will see that your skin problems will decrease.

Don’t neglect the lips

The most neglected area on the face and the most important part of make-up is the lips. Therefore, the care of the lips is also very important. Take care not to dry your lips. Get a lip balm that you never take with you. Thus, your lips will not be cracked due to summer and winter weather conditions. In addition, make sure to do a lip scrub before applying makeup. Especially matte lipsticks are very successful in revealing lip defects. For this reason, you can prepare for makeup with a moisturizer by removing the dead skin on your lips by applying lip scrub before starting makeup.

Eye area

The investments you make in the eye contour make you look younger all the time. Therefore, be sure to add an under eye cream to your skincare routine. On the other hand, situations such as edema and swelling when starting make-up may cause the makeup to not look as you do in the future. Also, concealers dry the eye area very much. For this reason, massage your eye area with the help of cream before make-up. Products containing caffeine will make your eye area look more vivid and healthy.

Soften your skin

Besides regular skincare, you should prepare your skin before make-up. After washing your face before make-up, soften your skin with a product with a “peel-off” formula, with softening and cleansing properties. This step is important for you to get more efficiency from your makeup.

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How To Care for Skin While Using Masks

In this article, you can discover some useful tricks about how to care for skin while using masks with Avon Campaign! Using a long-term mask adversely affects the skin. So how should skincare be done while using a mask? Coronavirus infection continues to be effective all over the world and this situation seems to remain on our agenda for a long time.

In this process, the use of masks has become a part of daily life. As a result, there was an increase in various skin complaints related to the use of masks. So what to do?

What are the negative effects of the mask on the skin?

After long-term use of masks, irritation-related rashes and eczema can be seen in people with sensitive skin at the places where the mask touches. Irritation caused by friction and sweating in the area under the mask can cause clogging of pores and changes in the skin flora and may aggravate some diseases such as acne. In addition, the wet and moistened mask will be a suitable environment for the proliferation of infectious agents. Therefore, if wetness or moisture is noticed in the mask, it should be changed immediately.

Surgical masks we commonly use cannot be washed and reused. When the mask is on the face, it should not be handled frequently. And should be disposed of properly after removal. Cloth masks, on the other hand, can be reused after being washed and dried.

Against skin problems caused by the use of masks;

We can reduce or eliminate skin problems caused by the use of masks by taking various measures. First of all, after removing the mask, we should wash and moisturize our face with a gentle cleanser. Similarly, before wearing a mask, it would be appropriate to gently cleanse and use a moisturizer that is oil-free and moisturizing for a long time. After applying the moisturizer, it is necessary to wait for it to be absorbed for a while. Moisturizers are helpful in preventing irritations.

It will be useful to remove the mask from time to time, cool the face with thermal spray or water. And use a thin moisturizer. In addition to all these, it should not be forgotten to apply sunscreen to places other than masks in open areas.

Small wounds may develop due to the use of masks for long hours, especially in high-risk occupational groups. In such cases, if possible, the use of masks should be suspended, if not possible, the areas where the mask is pressed should be covered with gauze, protective dressings or silicone coverings. In mild cases, applying barrier creams to the compression areas may also be beneficial.

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Fall and Winter Makeup & Skin Care

Browse Fall and Winter Makeup with Avon Campaign 22 2020! When the make-up adapts to the season, it gives your face a perfect look. This season, the facial features become the most natural in winter make-up. With a clear skin like porcelain, nude lips, plump eyelashes, sparkling bases, and illuminators, young-looking fresh make-up looks stand out this winter. Naturalness and radiance are offered together.

Thick and natural-looking eyebrow fashion continues in the winter months. The gaps in the eyebrows are also removed with eyeshadows and pencils. In winter make-up, you can make beautiful attractive creations with your eyelids either in the form of a liner or with shaded brown tones, copper, purple, and burgundy. In addition, you can add air to your style with metallic colors in night make-up this season. See Avon Catalog 22 2020 in detail and see many useful products for eye makeup!

One of the biggest trends of the season is the remarkable bright pink lipsticks that will enliven the cold weather of winter. Matte or glossy, you should definitely add a pink lipstick to your makeup bag. Shades of burgundy and red are on the rise this season, as in every season. Dark lips, indispensable for winter make-up, meet earth-toned eye make-up and again take their place among trends.

4 Suggestions for Skin Care;

Cold and dry air negatively affects our skin during the winter months. Cold air reduces blood circulation, sweat and sebaceous glands work less. In this case, skin problems such as dryness of the skin, sensitization of the skin to external effects, redness, wrinkles, sagging, and blemishes are accompanied.

Here are the skin care tips for the winter months;

1. Scented and alcohol-containing soaps can irritate the skin during the winter months. For this reason, you should choose oily soap and face wash gel suitable for your skin type.

2. Excessively hot water damages the skin’s protective oil layer. The bath time extended over 15 minutes reduces the water content in skin cells and causes the skin to dry out. For your skin health, you should take a shower with warm water close to cold without extending your bath time.

3. The moisturizer you apply to your skin after bathing increases the effect of the cream. Immediately after drying, moisturize your whole body. If you have extremely dry skin, you can choose moisturizers with acid lactic content. There are many useful moisturizers on Avon C22 2020. Browse them!

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6 Tips for Fall Skin Care

The harsh conditions of the hot climate are not good for your skin so we shared 6 tips for fall skin care with Avon Campaign 22 2020! Your skin has had a tough journey with sun rays, water, dust, and sand exposed on the beach, hot weather, sweat, and lubrication that are inevitable.

As you gradually transition to autumn, it’s time to take special care of your skin that signals help. Discover 6 skincare tips to get your skin tired from the summer rush and keep your guard against the conditions of the new season.

Refresh Your Skin Cleanser with Cream Products

Avoid heavy cleansers that give the skin a taut feeling to calm your dry skin with the cooling air in the last days of the hot climate. At this stage, use cream, lotion, and milk formula products to clean your skin without straining. You can find many special skin cleansers on Avon Catalog 22 2020. Browse them in detail and benefit from their special deals!

Detox Your Skin

Wouldn’t you like to pamper your skin that gets tired, dirty, and heavier due to intense sun rays, saltwater, sand, and environmental factors? Open a clean sheet to your skin with detox products and let it reset the fatigue of summer.

Aim for Stronger Moisturizers

Humidity, humidity, moisture! This is the key word in skin care in cold weather. You should renew your moisturizer, which you changed with lighter formulas for the summer, with more intense products. Protect your skin with powerful formulas that instantly quench the thirst of the skin against the drying effect of the cold on the skin.

Avoid Pores

The pores tend to become prominent with heat and to be clogged by environmental factors. Focus on destroying your pores as the sun gradually hides your face. A pore cleansing and firming serum are one of the most effective methods for this.

Care Masks

Did we mention humidity is the keyword in the new season? Tired, dull, and S.O.S. Strengthen your hand against the approaching season with a mask that refreshes, energizes, and most importantly, deeply moisturizes your skin from the inside out. There are many care masks on Avon C22 2020. Let’s browse them and enjoy shopping while you are saving!

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

The sun may be hiding behind the clouds, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to give up sunscreen. Protecting your skin against the harmful rays of the sun is a must for all four seasons. Continue to protect your skin against UV rays in autumn with a lightweight product that will not disturb your daily make-up!

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What You Need to Know About Daily Skincare

Let’s check out some useful information about what you need to know about daily skincare with Avon Campaign 22 2020! Skincare is a normal routine of life, just like sports, nutrition, breathing, and drinking. When we disrupt this routine, we encounter unwanted results for our skin. Of course, skincare can turn into a burden after a while, just as exercising every day sounds tiring.

Preventive Care

First of all, removing the potentially harmful effects that damage our skin from our lives is the first and most important step in skincare. Smoking, steep sunlight, strong cold winds, showering with too hot water, leaving the skin dry without moisture, washing clothes, dishes with bare hands. These are all details that we have to take countermeasures as external effects that cause severe damage to the skin. Reducing the effects of these in our lives as much as possible will mean that we take measures against problems that damage the skin.

We have taken precautions, but still, some situations will be impossible to avoid. We are not in a state of being close to the house for the rest of our lives because the sun harms the skin. Eventually, we have to go out. Of course, we can use this option if we have the option to go out when the sun is not steep.

However, our skin may tend to dry out due to weather conditions and wind, so we should continue with preventive care applications such as moisturizing cream and hand cream every day. In addition, we can apply solutions such as spot cream for the spots on our skin before the problem gets too big. For this type of skincare products, we recommend that you also browse Avon products.

Skincare while feeding

You should keep in mind that your skin health is also linked to nutrition. Considering the needs of your skin during your diet, you can ensure that the skin renews and heals itself. You can add foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A to your daily meals. You can put a high lycopene flavor such as roasted tomato or tomato sauce on your plate at one meal of the day and you will have an opportunity for your skin to renew itself.

Skincare by Avon Catalog 22 2020;

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