Avon Catalogue Home Decoration May 2016

Avon Catalogue Home Decoration May 2016 contains perfect retro products for your home decoration. You can add a little retro aura to your entertaining. Lets serve your dips and sauces in retro style. Keep guests guessing with this quickly entertaining sets. These products exclusive to Avon. Avon Catalogue Home Decoration May 2016

  • NEW Apple Tapas Bowls $39.99

Add a twist to your entartaning style with this set of 3 apples tapas bowls with lids. Lets fill the apples with dips, vegetables sticks, olives or anything you please. Also new ceramic bowl set available to check here online.

  • Ceramic Bowl Set $29.99

These vibrant bowls will add color to any table setting.These bowls are quite perfect for breakfasts. Stylish bowls sets of decorative stripped bowls, each with a different color on inside. You can put them into your microwave and dishwasher safely. Hanging Clothes Organiser will makes your life easier. Organise your stuffs for good price.

  • Hanging Clothes Organiser $14.99
  • Overdoor Shoe Organiser $12.99

These sets includes 4 shelves for folded clothes and hangs easily on doors with hooks. Ideal for shoes, scarves, bets and hats.

  • New Compact Sewing kit $14.99
  • Pill Organiser $9.99
  • Magnetic Fridge Planner $16.99
  • Polka Dot Laundry Basket $19.99

These products includes pen and magnetic pen holder, polka dot design matches trim on shoe and clothes organisers. And its perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • 20 Piece Cedar Set $19.99
  • 11-Piece storage set $19.99

This set includes scarf hanger, hanging clips, top holder and flip flop hanger.



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