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Avon Campaign 9 2020 is available now!
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Avon Campaign 11 2020

A preview of Avon Campaign 11 2020 is available now! Great product options, special deals and a wide range of products for spring are available in this Avon Catalog. So you will reach fragrances, accessories, skin care products, makeup products, and personal care products. Moreover, you will get these special products with awesome opportunities to reduce to cost of cosmetics shopping! Also, in this article, you will see some tips about the Use of Blush by Face Shape. If you are interested in this topic, you should read it!

avon campaing 11 2020

Use of Blush by Face Shape

While the blush, which gives color to the face, adds vitality to your face when it is used correctly, it will cause the outlines to appear with a very bad image by destroying the naturalness of your face since it is wrong to use. At this point, the use of blush according to the face shape is an important makeup detail. You can browse Avon Catalog 11 2020 and get the best blush!

Here is the right blush usage according to the face shapes;

If your face shape is square;

To make your face look softer, using blush on your cheeks starting from cheekbones will make you look softer than it is. After applying the blush, you can distribute a light blush on your face with a thin brush and add a softer air to your face.

If your face shape is round;

You can apply your blush in a triangular shape from your cheeks to your temples. If you do not want to show a round shape as it has a round face, you can distribute your blush with a thick brush.

If your face shape is oval;

You can apply your blush circularly, starting slightly above your cheeks. The use of slightly closed tones on oval faces will prevent the facial contours from appearing more than they are.

If your face shape is long;

Starting under your cheeks, applying your blush in circular shapes will add a more vivid atmosphere to your face. We recommend that you do not apply your blush more than necessary. Otherwise, your facial features may be impaired.

If your face shape is rectangular;

We can say that it is best for you to apply your blush horizontally starting from your cheeks downwards.

If your cheekbones are dislocated;

It will be ideal for you to choose a blush in slightly more closed shades of your skin color. Putting your blush on your cheekbones will cover your cheekbones to a large extent and make your face look softer than it is.

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Avon Campaign 10 2020

A preview of Avon Campaign 10 2020 is available to check out now! It is full of special opportunities and useful selection! THE MANE EVENT is available this Avon Catalog! Complete guide to gorgeous hair! You will be satisfied with these Avon Products! Also, we share some tips for you. If you want to read this article, you will see a few small suggestions for women who love to be well-groomed! Try it, be the best!

avon campaing 10 2020

This season, it is very fashionable to get an unexpected look by mixing the headlights in colors such as violet, dirty yellow, and khaki. You can take a look at Avon’s wide color palette for this look, which we see in many famous brands. Again, we see the architectural lines that we often encounter in the eyes and clothes. Your eyeliner will be your best friend to capture hard looks. Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner, a brand that I love about eyeliner, you can try creative eyeliner applications with the right brush.

It is also very fashionable this winter to achieve a bright and radiant appearance on the skin. Thanks to the illuminators, you can have a brilliant face. The key to a make-up that seems to have been done without much effort is also hidden in this bright, makeup-free skin.

Here is a preview of Avon Brochure 10 2020! If you want to see more Avon deals, products or makeup tips, you can visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Facebook! Here u go!

Avon Campaign 9 2020

Avon Campaign 9 2020 is available now! You have a big chance to explore a wide range of this Avon Catalog! In this way, you can browse the products before anyone else and set your shopping budget for the future! This catalog, which has a wide range of products, contains many kinds of products! As you know, Mother’s Day is approaching! You can get a good gift for her! You can browse many products from beauty products to stylish jewelry and accessories in this catalog! Also, in this article, you will see some makeup tips! If you are interested in this, you can also read it!

avon campaing 9 2020


If you apply the concealer around the lip after applying the lipstick, the lips will be more prominent. If you want your lips to look fuller than they are, you should always show the middle of the lip gloss. For this, you can apply the same color lip gloss as your lipstick to the middle of the lip and distribute it lightly. If you are looking for a good Lipstick, you should check out Avon Campaign May 2020!


When applying your mascara, you can apply mascara to all your lashes when you apply it with zigzag movements, starting from the eyelash bottoms instead of applying it to the lashes vertically. Thus, you will have a more voluminous and lush look.  There are many mascaras on this Avon Brochure check it out!


The most important thing to consider when applying eyeliner is to equalize the eyeliner’s tail. If you create two small points to determine the endpoint of the tail and then draw a line over that point, you will have a flat and even tail eyeliner.


The most important step when applying foundation is to find the right color. If you apply the foundation to the wrist or hand to find the right color, you will never get an even skin tone. You should definitely try the foundation on your chin or cheeks for the right color. To get the most accurate result, you should definitely apply it with a sponge or foundation brush. The brush applied foundation will give a more transparent result and will give your skin the look you have never applied. For those who want a closer result, it will be the right choice to apply with a sponge.


If you draw 3 numbers on your temple, cheekbone, and jaw bone line and distribute them with the help of a brush, you will realize the most correct and practical application while contouring application. Continuous contour application along the hairline always reveals a more shaped face.

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Avon Campaign 8 2020

Avon Campaign 8 2020 is available now! You should discover the newest product range in Avon! Dozens of unbeatable opportunities, the best selections, and many more are collected by one address! You should experience awesome cosmetic shopping with Avon! There are many types of products from different categories! Personal care products, make-up products, accessories, and many essentials are waiting for you! Moreover, this Avon Catalog has a wide range of products. Therefore, you will find what you are looking for related to cosmetics easily! Let’s take a look at this Avon Brochure! Also, in this article, you will some useful skincare tips, let’s browse it!

avon campaing 8 2020

Skincare Tips

Skincare products with a wide range of products; It also meets your many needs such as sunscreens, blackheads, chest products. Sun creams used in summer and winter prevent skin spots. If groomed men prefer male care products; These are products such as after shaving lotions, beard serums, body and face moisturizers, tonics. Special creams produced for tattoos keep it new with its color-protecting feature.

Skincare product prices vary according to the usage area, product features, and brands. You can get the products with a wide price range by making choices that suit your needs. Using skin care products is a future-oriented investment for beauty and health. It is important to choose products that are suitable for your skin type in your care product purchases. Skincare products that are preferred by women and men who care about looking well-groomed and who care about their personal care are offered with a wide range of products.

The benefits of skincare products

The benefits of skincare products do not count, but regular and continuously used skin products to protect your skin against aging effects and external factors. It prevents pores from growing and purifies from dead cells. Crack formation and tightening problems are largely eliminated thanks to the treatments you will make with products specific to the regions. It protects the elasticity of your skin by activating the blood circulation with the products you will use on your body and face. Hand and nail care is important in terms of hygiene and gives a beautiful and fresh look. In addition, regular maintenance to your feet prevents problems such as odors and bad appearance.

For healthy, smooth and vibrant skin, it is necessary to use skincare products regularly and continuously. Using products that are suitable for their purpose and suitable for the region where they are used provides more efficiency. Your skin, which shines with care and health, and your well-groomed hands and feet will increase your self-confidence.

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Avon Campaign 7 2020

Avon Campaign 7 2020 is available now! Great products from many categories are in this Avon Catalog. Moreover, you will come across unbeatable prices! When you buy some items for multiple purchases, you will make more profit! Therefore, you should focus on this Avon Brochure in detail and find your essentials at the lowest prices! Make a list of your favorite products now! These offers, which will be the harbingers of spring, will excite you! Also, you can find reviews of Avon True Define & Sculpt Contour Face Palette! Here you go!

avon campaing 7 2020

Avon True Define & Sculpt Contour Face Palette

Imagine that you can do all your daily and night makeup with a single makeup palette! Wouldn’t this makeup palette be a very practical makeup palette in terms of both carrying and containing all the products you want? All of your blush, illuminating and eye shadows are in Avon True Define & Sculpt Contour Face Palette! Avon True Define & Sculpt Contour Face Palette is a great makeup palette that you can put directly into your bag, practical, color scale suitable for every skin color, and can be used easily in your daily and night makeup!

The palette consists of 4 eyeshadows in different colors with two finishes, especially for those who like glittery looks and those who like matte eye makeup. This makeup palette of Avon contains 2 different brightening powders for both eyes and skin, a blush that will add vitality to your skin in peach tones, and a wonderful brown tone that will add soft depth to your eyes. Other colors’ headlights are also great to match! The structure of the headlights in the headlight palette is highly pigmented and quite permanent. We can call this eyeshadow palette, which is a powder that will turn your daily makeup into a night makeup with a single move, will never let you down and does not spill.

So how can you make your practical makeup with this palette?

After applying your foundation, you can shade the bottom of your cheekbones with the contour color in the makeup palette. With the illuminating color on the left side of the palette, you can shine on your cheekbones, under your eyebrows, over your nose, your décolleté area, and your shoulders. We recommend using the blush color on the underside of the palette to soften the transition between the contours and the illuminator. It gives your cheeks a vibrant look in peach tones.

You can increase the amount of dark-colored eyeshadow in your eyes to turn your make-up into a night-time makeup with this unique makeup palette, and you can add depth to both your eyelid and under your eyes with a plum toned headlight. You can give your eyes a stunning and luminous look by applying the pearlescent eyeshadows in this makeup palette to your eyes.

If you like multi-purpose, all-inclusive practical makeup palettes, Avon True Define & Sculpt Contour Face Palette will be your indispensable!

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