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Avon Campaign 26 2020 is available now!
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Avon Campaign 23 2020

Avon Campaign 23 2020, which is full of attractive opportunities is available now! Including great products and offers in each of its campaigns, Avon also offers unbeatable opportunities in this campaign. Each Avon Catalog is prepared according to the season and the trend of the period. Every product you see in the brochures is a special choice and is a trend!

avon campaing 23 2020

Also, we shared easy solutions to hair problems for you. If you also complain about these problems and are interested in the topic, you can read the rest of the article!

Easy Solutions to Hair Problems

Well-groomed hair is an essential part of the beautiful look. But unfortunately, the hair has many problems such as dandruff, shedding, frizz, unwanted whites, and greasiness. Here are practical tips for women to deal with these daunting problems.


Anti-dandruff shampoos are one of the solutions to this problem. While washing your hair with this shampoo, you can massage the scalp and wait for a minute before washing it with warm water and wait for its effect. In this way, you should wash your hair several times a week so that the shampoo starts to take effect. If you do not get positive results within a month, you should definitely go to a dermatologist.

Oily Scalp Causes

The oil ratio in the hair helps the hair shine. However, there is a very thin line between shiny hair and oily hair and it is necessary to be very careful. Today, there are many different shampoo options that contain surfactants for oily hair. Surfactant is an important ingredient that degreases hair.

How women with oily hairstyles their hair is as important as how they wash it. Because frequent brushing and combing the hair accelerates the oiling. Also, the hair should be gathered as little as possible. But of course, if your hair is longer than the shoulder, you have no choice but to collect it. According to the statement made by experts, women with oily hair should have a short haircut. Otherwise, the ends of your hair may have a weak appearance as if they were welded.

Hair loss

One of the most important problems with women’s hair is undoubtedly hair loss. Hormonal imbalance, stress, unbalanced nutrition are the first among these external factors. In addition, hair dyes containing intense chemicals also cause hair to fall out. Today, there are many series that delay hair loss and give volume to hair. Biotin, keratin, arginine, and niacin are among the most prominent ingredients in these series. If you want to apply more intensive care during seasonal changes, you can turn to effective serums and masks against hair loss.

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Avon Campaign 22 2020

A preview of Avon Campaign 22 2020 is available now! Skincare, makeup, fragrance, fashion, jewelry, home, and bath & body are available on this Avon Catalog. If you want to get your favorite Avon Products, you should browse Avon C22 2020 in detail. You will see the most popular and necessary products of the season in this Avon Brochure! Also, we shared some information about a collagen supplement. Read it!

avon campaing 22 2020

One of the most important points of the subject of collagen supplement is at what age it is necessary to use collagen. From what age should collagen supplements be started? The answer to this question is important. Because collagen is an essential protein for our body. Collagen is the building block of the body. Its main task is to strengthen connective tissue and maintain body integrity. Apart from the skin, there is plenty of collagen in bones, joints, tendons, and muscles.

As we age, collagen production in our body decreases, and approximately 1% of collagen is lost every year, especially after the age of 20. Thus, drying, sagging, wrinkles, sun spots, thin skin, and brittle nails appear in time. To prevent this situation, collagen supplements are often preferred. As we have always mentioned, collagen helps relieve the signs of aging and helps the person to have brighter, lively skin and look younger.

What is the recommended amount for collagen supplements?

As a result of the researches; After 12 weeks of using 1 g of collagen supplement per day, 76% decrease in skin dryness, 12% reduction in lines, improvement in skin blood flow, and 6% increase in collagen were detected. You can take the collagen as a capsule, tablet, or sachet. Tablets and sachets are already set as 1 daily dose.

The ideal age for a collagen supplement

Women over the age of 30 generally prefer collagen supplements, but this supplement is also suitable for women under the age of 30. There is no harm. The experts, doctors, generally recommend collagen supplements after the age of 30, though. They recommend 3-month cures twice a year between 30-50 years old, and 3-month cures three times a year over 60 years old.

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Avon Campaign 19 2020

Avon Campaign 19 2020 is available now! Skincare, makeup, fragrance, candles, jewelry, fashion, home, bath & body, and many more can be browsable on this Avon Catalog! Also, we shared some tips and useful information about skin types and care for you. Let’s check it out!

avon campaing 19 2020

Skin Types and Care

Genetics is a basic factor in skin appearance, but hormonal changes, nutritional habits, environment, and skincare are also effective on skin appearance. The first step in skincare is to know the skin type, and the second step is to create the skincare routine.

Combination Skin Type

Defining combination skin type is more difficult than other volumes because it combines two or more skin types together. Normally those with combination skin have an oily T zone, but other areas of the skin are of dry or normal skin type. Choose different products for different parts of your face. Oily creams lubricate your T zone even more and moisturize the dry spots of your skin.

Oily Skin Type

This skin type is highly affected by hormonal changes in the body, and its bright appearance is further enhanced. In people with this skin type; black spots, skin spots, and T-zone lubrication are seen.

Do not constantly wash your skin, as this will only trigger more oil production. Instead, use a cleanser that gently cleanses your skin. Then use a non-comedogenic serum or gel-based lotion. You might find these products from Avon c19 2020. Moisturizing oily skin may seem unreasonable, but necessary to regulate skin balance. A weekly clay mask or blackhead cleansing mask is effective for this skin type.

Dry Skin Type

Dry skin does not mean a lack of moisture. Even the outer layer of your skin can maintain a constant moisture level. Dry skin; It can be identified by very tight pores, visible lines, rough texture, and red spots.

People with this skin type should prefer mild cleansers. Moisturizers with high SPF protection will protect against sunspots that may occur on the skin. So clean your skin as gently and massage as possible. Also, hot showers are not suitable for this skin type. The more you reduce the temperature, the better.

Sensitive Skin Type

Sensitive skin that can be easily irritated, has dry spots, reddened areas, and a bumpy texture. Avoid using anti-aging products that contain fragrance. Give your skin time when you start using a product. First of all, apply a small amount and wait for the reaction of your skin. Try to keep your skincare routine simple to avoid reactions to your skin.

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Avon Campaign 21 2020

Time to discover Avon Campaign 21 2020! Fragrances, skincare products, makeup products, bath & body, home, jewelry, accessories, and many more are available on Avon Catalog 21 2020! Therefore, you should check it out and discover Avon C21 2020! Also, we shared Manicure trends for the summer in this article! Let’s read it!

avon campaing 21 2020

5 Manicure Trends for the Summer

If you are in search of a different from classical nail polish, you are in the right place. Discover the 5 most striking manicure trends of the season, which will bring the optimist and heartwarming mood to your nails in the hot summer.

Multiple-choice and multi-character nails continue to stay in our lives by replacing them with pastel tones. If you can’t decide which nail polish to apply, this trend is for you.

Bright Orange
Bringing together the attraction power of red with the warmth of yellow, bright orange is the new favorite of those who want an energetic shade suitable for the summer season. Moreover, this color blends perfectly with bronze skins.

Colorful French
Whether in a single tone or in rainbow colors: This appearance, which gives a new character to the classic French manicure, emits positive energy.

Pearl Flash
If you like the simplicity in your manicure, you can get a sophisticated and different look with the shimmering pearl pearly shine. Let us also point out that this color fits perfectly with any combination.

Batik t-shirts of supermodels are replaced by batik look on the nails. This design, which you will apply with your favorite pastels, is the favorite of those who are looking for a different and dynamic look.

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Avon Campaign 20 2020

Avon Campaign 20 2020 will fascinate you with its incredible product range and opportunities! As in every catalog, we will see the most trending products and special offers of the season! Get the most exclusive products with Avon quality. And to take advantage of their offers, be sure to check out this Avon Brochure! Also, we shared summer care for blonde hair in this article. You can read it! Here u go!

avon campaign 20 2020

Summer Care for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair, which wears out after long hours at the hairdresser, openers, and chemicals, tends to suffer more in the summer. Here are the tips you need if you don’t want green, copper or matte colored, hardening, and neglected hair on the summer days.

Always Moist

Blonde hair, which has already undergone many chemical processes, tends to wear and dry. Hair becomes extra dry and sensitive with the sea, pool, and sun rays. With the moisture masks, you will add to your weekly hair care routine, you can keep your hair soft and shiny and make them more resistant to external factors.

Care Before Swimming

Some substances in the pool and seawater can make your yellow shade look greener, copper, or dull. You can protect your color by wetting your hair before entering the water, or by feeding an oil-free conditioner and oil into your hair, and minimize the damage that water will cause to your hair.

Special Shampoos

In addition to the color-protecting shampoos you use in your daily life, you can also add color-regenerating shampoos to your bathroom routine. You can use shampoos that will give your hair a golden tone for the dull and green color, and you can choose silver shampoos for the copper tone.

Protection from the Sun

Like your skin, your hair will be damaged by the Sun, and unfortunately, blond hair is more vulnerable to this harmful effect. UV rays dry the hair and make it matte. You can provide the protection you need when going out to the sun with its filter hair products, and you can make extra care for your blond hair by choosing products with moisturizing properties.

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