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Trend Multi-Colored Nails

This article’s topic is about Trend Multi-Colored Nails with products of Avon Campaign 5 2020! Classic French manicure or single color nail polishes on all nails are now replaced by modern lines. Are you ready to participate in these color games that have been in our lives for a while? So, for example, Multi-colored manicure options. Colorful French, geometric lines and tons of colors. These creative applications take place in new generation manicure trends. It is very easy to make these applications that will both add color to your hands and upgrade your mod.

How to make a colorful French manicure? First, make your nails clean and well-groomed at home with a tiny manicure. You can shorten your nails, cut your cuticles, complete your care with intensive care cream or cuticle serum and switch to nail polish selection. If you want to make a colorful French manicure, apply a varnish to your nails. So here, the length, thickness, and color of the lines are completely up to your personal taste and creativity. In addition, you can paint each of your nails in different shades and tones of tons. After applying your nail polish, apply transparent polisher to prolong its permanence and make it look shiny.

Products From Avon Campaign February 2020;

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Face Masks in 3 Questions

Today’s topic is about face masks in 3 questions and products of Avon Campaign 5 2020. There are many special selections on this Avon Catalog! Moreover, most of them are on sale with unbeatable deals! Therefore, you should take a look at this Avon Brochure and get your essentials! Recently, we come across different mask applications frequently. If you want to catch this new trend and add it to your skincare routine, this article contains all your curiosity.

1 – Why do you need a face mask?

According to your skin’s needs, facial masks can meet your moisture needs, purify your skin from dead skin or relieve redness and tenderness. The important point here is to get to know your skin type and apply a mask according to your needs. For example, it may be necessary to apply separate masks against seasonal skin dryness and stubborn acne.

2 – How often should you apply a mask?

The answer to this question is hidden in the content of the mask you use. If you use a moisturizing, light formula mask, you can apply it every day. However, we recommend using masks with strong active ingredients and purifying effects once a week according to the sensitivity of your skin. If you apply this type of mask very intensely, it may cause irritation on your skin.

3 – How can I find the mask suitable for my skin?

First of all, ask yourself the problem you are trying to improve on your skin. If you have oily skin, choose masks with clay and coal that absorb excess oil, do not disturb the sebium balance and do not clog your pores. If you have sensitive skin and complain of dryness, use moisturizing formula masks. So If you are looking for a mask that reduces lightening and brightening, you can choose vitamin C and anti-aging with retinol content. Before you buy a mask, be sure to read its contents, you can definitely find an option for your needs.

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Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Stars

Let’s some beauty secrets of Hollywood Stars and some products of Avon Campaign 5 2020! There is much special selection on this Avon Catalog! Therefore, you should take a look at this. Moreover, you will come across awesome deals! Let’s browse and enjoy saving your money! So let’s come to our topic! What are Hollywood stars doing to look flawless? From the 20s to the 50s, we have examined the skincare secrets of the stars that are appreciated by their beauty.

Lucy Boynton

The 26-year-old star is in our memories with its sparkly eye makeup and bright skin. The beautiful star’s skincare secret is that it uses tonic with natural chamomile and rose extract.

Renée Zellweger

Embracing the Oscar figurine in the category of Best Actress, a 50-year-old actor’s beauty secret is to use skincare serum containing hyaluronic acid… You can find skincare serum including hyaluronic acid on Avon Catalog 5 2020!

Shay Mitchell

The 32-year-old star tries to purify her skin first. Shay Mitchell’s suggestion is GlamGlow Supermud, which soothes the skin while removing it from oil and dirt and neutralizing skin imperfections. It makes a difference with its carbon and eucalyptus leaves. Let’s browse Avon Campaign February 2020!

Natalie Portman

Oscar-winning star, 38, says that drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and sleeping well add brightness to your skin. The beautiful actress prefers night creams with an intense moisturizing effect.

Chrissy Teigen

The 34-year-old model prefers solutions that tighten the skin quickly in the skincare routine. Chrissy Teigen’s choice is GlamGlow GRAVITY MUD with Marshmallow and Licorice. As this mask dries, it turns from white to bright chroma. While peeling off the skin, it tightens the skin, giving it a more raised look.

Emily Ratajkowski

The famous 29-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski also prefers natural ingredients in her skincare routine. YouthMud, the 21-award winner from GlamGlow, Emily’s skincare routine recommendation, is known as Hollywood’s 10-minute skincare secret. This mask makes a difference with its content consisting of TEAOXI green tea leaf, natural clay mixture, and volcanic rock.

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Foundation Application

In this article, you will see some tips about foundation application and products of Avon Campaign 5 2020! With 4 easy-to-apply tips, you can sign a professional makeup look. You should browse Avon Products from this Avon Catalog. This Avon Brochure has a wide range of products. It is possible to reach many types of products such as fragrance, personal care products, accessories, and makeup products! Here you go!

Finding the right color

Start by finding the color that best suits your complexion. The best place to try this is to try it on your jawline and check it in daylight. If you have time, you can apply it to your entire face and try it in daylight. You need to make sure that the color disappears on your skin. It would be wrong to try it on your hand or neck. Because we can have different skin tones in these regions.

What should I apply with?

Before answering this question, let’s remind you that it is important to choose a foundation according to your skin type. Dry skins can be in liquid and cream form, while oily skins may prefer powder or a light formula liquid foundation that will absorb sebum.

The most successful technique of applying a foundation in liquid form is to use a brush. You can distribute the product naturally with circular movements. On the other hand, you can apply powder products less in winter and more intense in summer in case your lines get filled.

What should I do for a natural look?

Everybody wants it to look like they don’t have a foundation on them, right? Make sure to always moisturize your skin to provide a natural finish. If the foundation is still not spreading on your skin, make sure your brush is clean. If you want to shrink your pores before the foundation, you can use a base accordingly.

A final check is essential

You have completed all the application and makeup. Control your face both remotely and soon. If the foundation is still not scattered on your face and it looks like a mask, touch your face with your fingertips. In this way, the foundation will sit on your face with the heat.

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Winter-Specific Rules For Dry Skin

In this article, the topic is Winter-Specific Rules For Dry Skin with products of Avon Campaign 5 2020. Nowadays, when we feel the winter season clearly, cold weather affects our skin health quite negatively. Especially the face and hands dryness and sensitivity that are open to the external environment are the most frequently encountered problems. We have explained ways to protect your skin in cold weather, important suggestions and warnings are available in this article!

Keep bath time short

Give up your habit of long-term hot baths or hammam-sauna in the winter season, as long-term water contact, such as 10 minutes, can cause dryness even by itself while washing with hot water and every day can increase dryness even more. For this reason, it is ideal to bathe 2-3 times a week, adjust the temperature of the water between 36-40 degrees and complete the bath in 5 minutes.

Apply moisturizing product in the first 5 minutes

Contrary to popular belief, we can say that applying moisturizer to dry skin does not give the expected effect. It is best to apply moisturizing products when the skin is slightly wet within the first 5 minutes after each bath. If you want to have a great moisturizer, you are the correct address! You must browse Avon Campaign February 2020!

Continue to sunscreen products

Our skin needs protection from the sun in winter as well as in summer. For this reason, you should use a sunscreen with at least 30 protection factors, especially on sunny days! Also, never forget to use sunscreen in snowy days and before skiing to protect you from sunburn caused by sun rays reflected from the snow. If you are looking for a sunscreen, you must take a look at Avon Catalog 5 2020!

Apply protective ointment to your lips

In the winter months, the cold, wind, frequent washing of the mouth, and trying to moisten the lips as it dries can increase dryness and eczema. For this reason, do not forget to apply oil-based moisturizing balms to your lips several times a day and to use protection factor products on sunny-snowy days.

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