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How to Contour Your Face

This article’s topic is about how to contour your face and Avon Campaign 8 2020! Every person has a different facial feature. With face contouring, this can highlight facial contours. Facial contouring is actually a special makeup technique. With this technique, you can bring your face to your ideal face type. You can reveal shadow and light games by using makeup products suitable for contouring the face.

Face Contouring Supplies

You can use stick foundation, blush, bronzer to make contours. Products used for contours must be matt. It is very important to use makeup in the face contouring, day or night. You should use dark colors on your face for night makeup and avoid dark colors for daytime makeup.

If you are going to make the contour of the face at night, it will be enough to apply two dark foundations. Or you can use specially made makeup products for contouring. If the products you use in the night make-up are creamy, they will give more effective results since they can better determine the color after the application.

In the face contours made daily, you can make natural contouring with two tones of dark powder. In addition, the illuminating products used will make your skin look healthier in the light of the day. Also, you should try Avon True Define And Sculpt Face Palette from Avon Brochure 8 2020!

Application steps of the contouring of the face

Before starting to makeup, the skin should be shaded with dark tones foundation.
Learn contouring techniques suitable for your face shape.
Underneath cheekbones, shade forehead and lower areas of the chin.
The areas to be revealed after shading should be illuminated with two light tone products.
Contrast differences on the face are removed by brush movements.

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Makeup Colors That Suit Everyone

Today’s topic is about Makeup Colors That Suit Everyone with Avon Campaign 8 2020! If you are confused when you are doing makeup, what color make-up should be applied to your hair and skin color, how about learning makeup colors that can be used by everyone and suit everyone? Not only do these colors suit everyone, but the color harmonies with each other do not leave you on the road, giving you a better atmosphere.

Here are the make-up materials and make-up colors that suit everyone.

Brown Eye Liner

Brown eyeliner is a color that suits almost everyone and is the first choice by most women. Its brown color almost suits many colors of eyeshadow. It also contrasts with different eye colors and makes the eyes clear. Brown eyeliner is also a color that helps soften hard facial contours. For this reason, it is a make-up material that you can use in emergency situations.

Plum and Coffee Shades

These two colors are among the first choices of women in terms of compatibility with all eye colors. These colors create contrast in your eyes and make your eyes look impressive. For this reason, it is an important makeup material that you can use in difficult situations.

Pink Lip-gloss

A pink Lip-gloss suits almost all women. If you choose colors in natural tones, you can use it with any makeup you want at any time of the day. With this color, you will not overdo it without compromising your natural appearance. A Lip-gloss in this color is the choice of every lady. You should browse Avon Brochure 8 2020 for awesome lip glosses!

Pink Blush

A pink blush harmonizes with all makeup and suits you no matter your skin tone or color. Moreover, if you want an exaggerated makeup, a blush in this color is for you. A pink blush can also give you a healthy, youthful and radiant look. For this reason, it is a makeup material that is the first choice of many women.

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Makeup Tips to Look Good in Photos

In this article, we share some useful makeup tips to look good in photos with Avon Campaign 8 2020! Let’s follow these steps and enjoy! Since today’s social media are usually based on photography, taking photographs has become the favorite activity of all of us. If you want to have a smooth looking face that does not shine in the photos you will take in various organizations; you can apply for some makeup tricks.

Be careful not to use products that contain SPF. The BB, CC style cream and foundation blend products, which we have seen and used frequently in recent days, also feature for sun protection. SPF, which is found in sun protection products, protects our skin from harmful rays by reflecting the sun’s lights, but it can also cause you to have a white face in your flash photos. It is a good idea not to use this kind of product on important nights or organizations as it will make you look like a ghost. Instead, it would be better to use a base and get help from matte foundations that have nothing silvery or glittery.

Prefer Natural Light!

Using shimmery, silvery, shimmery makeup products will make you look bright in the photos. Of course, this is not a beautiful glare; a glare that will make you look older and show your mistakes… It would be better not to use such products on important days.

Make-up with the help of natural light will be smoother. It is enough to do your make-up in front of the window or on the balcony before you go, to get a more beautiful look.

Black eye makeup is one of the most important details for a flawless photo. Black eyeliner, mascara, the headlight will adjust the contrast when you use it will make you look more beautiful. You can find these makeup products from Avon Catalog 8 2020. Check this Avon Brochure in detail!

When you use an effective blush and a beautiful lipstick, your face will look more colorful and expressive instead of looking pale. For these products, you should take a look at Avon Campaign March 2020! And follow us on Facebook! Here u go!

Avon Česká Katalog 2020

Here is the best address you can find Avon Česká Katalog 2020 in Czech Republic! As you know, Avon has been working for women in the world for more than 125 years.

Avon Ceska Katalog 2020

More than 4 Avon lipsticks are sold every second in the world. Its products are one of the beauty brands that women know and use. Avon, based in New York; Avon Color has much famous makeup, perfume, skincare, beauty, fashion and home product brands such as ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques. At the R&D centers in Shanghai and New York, products of higher technology and quality are developed every day.

Avon is the most branded cosmetic brand in the world. The iconic Avon perfumes continue to amaze with Celebre, Pur Blanca, Christian Lacroix Rouge, as well as a constantly renewed range of fragrances. While Avon beautifies the products with make-up, it also aims to make your beauty permanent with its Anew series and anti-wrinkle series. In addition to products for women, it also has men’s and children’s products. Avon men’s perfumes, Luck, Black Suede, Full Speed, Elite Gentleman.

In addition to cosmetics, Avon is also a favorite of women with its fashion and accessory products. You can renew your style with stylish designs of clothing, bags and jewelry collections. Offering dazzling jewelry for women, Avon also completes the elegance of men with its stunning wristwatches, cufflinks, and wallets. You can check all of them from the current Avon Česká Katalog 2020!

By the way, Avon is one of the best-known cosmetics companies worldwide. Its product range includes beauty products, bath and body products, clothing and household items. For this reason, selling Avon products is a lucrative additional business opportunity for people who want to earn extra money. The initial capital is very low and the process is quick and simple.

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How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Skin Type

Choosing a perfume is not easy. Perfumes with different fragrances sometimes cause people to have difficulty in choosing perfumes. Fragrances and fragrances reflect the person. That is why when choosing perfumes, each person should choose fragrances that reflect himself. Age and skin are also important when choosing perfumes. A fragrance that someone else also likes may not suit your skin and age. Therefore, you should first determine whether your favorite fragrances suit your age and skin. If you want the permanence of the scents for a long time, you should definitely be careful about age and skin.

The choice of perfume should be made according to the skin. Often, the perfume that we like in someone else may not smell nice on our skin. Therefore, the perfume should be chosen according to one’s own skin. Everyone has different skin types. For this reason, every perfume does not smell the same on every skin and does not smell nice. Avon Campaign 8 2020 is full of special perfumes. You should try them! Moreover, they are on sale with good savings!

Taking this into consideration, fragrances appropriate for the skin type should be selected. Perfume should be chosen according to the oil rate of the skin. While some scents can be permanent and dominant in our skin, some scents can smell light and pale. At the same time, fragrances determine personalities. Every person has an odor that they identify with themself. Therefore, you should focus on Avon Perfumes from Avon Catalog 8 2020 in detail!

Choosing a Perfume

On oily skin types, odors are more permanent and dominant. So they can choose light perfumes.
Dry skins, on the other hand, show their permanence less. Therefore, people with dry skin may prefer more dominant scents and use perfumes more often.
Brunettes should choose more persistent, dominant odors. Oriental fragrances are ideal for brunettes.
Blondes should choose lighter smells. Often vanilla scents are ideal for blondes.
Brown hairs should usually choose fragrances with spice fragrances. These perfume fragrances suit the brown hair quite well.
Reds are a choice of perfumes made of soft scents. Soft perfumes are scents that suit red.

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