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Tricks of Applying Eyeliner!

Today, I would like to share a few important points that I found as a result of my long efforts and researches applying eyeliner with you with products of Avon Campaign 7 2020. We all start from the moment we start wearing makeup, thinking about that critical moment and avoiding to pull eyeliner! Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner is one of my recommendations as it is a pencil eyeliner since it does not smudge and is quite easy to apply. If using a softer pen will be easier for you, you can check out other products.

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner

It is very important to make sure that your hands do not vibrate while applying your eyeliner. You can use the eyeliner over the strip line by sticking strip under the bottom of your eye. I am sure that you will get the exact result from the strip method! If you are going to use this method, don’t forget to stick it when you take the strip first! We don’t want you to harm your skin! If you want your eye line to be more prominent, you can opt for a thicker tip eyeliner.

Using Avon True Color Super Extend Liquid Eyeliner from Avon Catalog 7 2020, you can create a line of any thickness you want. If the strip method did not work, there is another easy solution. Maybe you already know this solution because it is quite popular. Using the spoon, you can use the flat handle of the spoon to apply the eyeliner to the eyelid and use the other side to complete the tail. I hope these methods work well and your fear of eyeliner riding ends. Take good care of yourself!

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How Should The Daily Skincare Routine Be?

Today’s topic is about how should the daily skincare routine be with Avon Campaign 7 2020! As lovers of makeup, we are here again! But what we will talk about this week will be on removing makeup and maintaining the quality of our skin. I hope you take off your makeup correctly and moisturize your skin to delay your aging. It is very important not to disrupt the care because you need to clean the make-up remnants, the face that gets dirty in the daily rush. Thus, you will not have unhealthy skin in the future.

The first step for skincare to be efficient is that your skin is clean and free from makeup. For this, you need to clean your skin with the help of a makeup remover. You can easily use Avon Nutraeffects Micellar Cleansing Water from Avon Catalog 7 2020 to clean your skin.

Avon True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover

Cleansing the eye makeup is very important for the health of your lashes and not to spill. You can apply eye cleanser with a cotton pad while removing the eyelids and eyelashes from makeup. But when applying, you should not use rubbing your eyes, but keeping cotton in your eyes without pressing them for a short time. In this way, it is not damaged deeply and is easily removed from makeup. I seem to hear you are waiting for the eye cleaner proposal. Avon True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover will be a product you will like. See it from Avon Campaign March 2020.

After removing your face and eyes with a makeup remover, it’s time to refresh the skin, shrink pores and moisturize. I suggest you use tonic for this. Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Clarifying Face Tone will deeply cleanse your skin to achieve the comfort you are looking for. You can browse it from Avon Brochure 7 2020. And it’s time for the last step. After getting enough of the moisturizer, you can start applying it to your face with bumper movements. Avon Daily Moisturizing Treatment Cream for normal and combination skin will help your skin moisturize and look alive. So we shared my skincare routine step by step with you. Never neglect yourself and your skin.

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Avon Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub

We introduce you to a new method that will make your skin look smooth and destroy dead skin with Avon Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub. See it on page 25 of Avon Campaign 7 2020! Are you ready to spoil your skin with the scrub method, which has become the fashion of today? If you are excited to meet the Scrub method, which will compete with the peeling method, and that is completely organic, definitely review our article. All details about the Scrub method that will shed light on all women who want to see your skin smooth in this article!

The scrub is a type of care done during the bath. The Scrub method, which has been created by Victoria Secret models for many years and has created an indispensable routine, helps you to achieve a smooth body while eliminating many problems in the body. The scrub, which is also diversified in the cosmetic world, is applied to eliminate problems such as hair loss, cellulite, ingrown, cracked and dead skin.

Clearskin From Avon Catalog 7 2020!

Often applied in the bathroom, the scrub is a great cleaning method that helps renew the whole body. If you are complaining about problems such as dryness, cracks, hair growth on your skin, you should definitely try this method.

Before the application of scrub, it is necessary to soften and wet the area with hot water. Take the required amount according to the region you will apply. For example, scrub as much as hazelnut will be enough for your face. Apply scrub to your face as you massage. Continue this process until you are sure all the particles in the scrub you have melted. Finally, rinse the area where the treatment is performed with plenty of water. That’s all you have to do.

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Women’s Day With Avon Campaign 7 2020

Today’s topic is about Women’s Day With Avon Campaign 7 2020! Avon Catalog 7 2020 came with content that you might expect. Despite continuing its activities with the direct sales system, Avon, one of the best-selling cosmetics companies in America, has surprises again this month. As you know, March is a bridge in the transition from winter to spring. A month of transformation with unique changes. It contains some winter and some spring air. We strongly recommend you to try Avon’s special fragrances for 2020.Women's Day With Avon Campaign 7 2020

Women’s Day With Avon Brochure 7 2020

Many innovations will stand out in the March period. Of course, you will see that there are plenty of special campaigns for International Women’s Day this month.

One of the first words that come to mind when talking about Avon, love is the theme of this month. Feeling this feeling and spreading it around us while doing our work with the entire Avon family makes us both strong and special. Avon Campaign March 2020 was prepared in this direction, like all other catalogs. The mission we put forward to empower women of the world is an indication of how Avon is intertwined with this feeling. We congratulate all our consultants for International Women’s Day through this special day in March.

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Pore Firming Care Guide in 4 Stages

Useful information about pore firming care is available in this article with Avon Campaign 7 2020! If you complain about oily skin and large pores that are constantly clogged, you are in the right place. In fact, the pores, which are the tip of the tubes that distribute the sebum to the skin, can be large or small depending on the rate of oil secreted in the skin. So, contrary to what you might think, you say hello to big pores because you have large pores, not oily skin, but oily skin.

Purify Your Skin

Clogged pores are one of the most serious causes of large pore appearance. Prevent clogging of your pores by renewing your skin frequently with chemical peels, deep cleansing skin cleansers, pore cleansing special products that prevent the accumulation of dead skin on the skin. There are many cleansers on Avon Catalog 7 2020. You should try them!

You cleared your pores, now it’s time to make it permanent. Instead of care and makeup products that clog pores, your priority should be for non-comedogenic products that breathe to the skin. Look for this phrase on the products you receive, especially if you are suffering from large, blocked and prominent pores and acne-prone skin.

Against Oiling

While cleansing the pores prevents them from being permanent, degreasing the skin prevents them from forming. To solve the problem radically, turn to sebum balancing, lubrication control products. Let’s mention that the chemical peels we mentioned in the first article will benefit you at this point.

Collagen Supplement

Let’s come to one of the strongest steps in the fight against pores: Collagen supplement. With age, pores may be more pronounced. The reason for this is the decreased collagen level in the skin. Collagen from the building blocks of the skin, the skeleton in which the oil channels and hence the pores are attached. When this skeleton weakens, the pores relax and become clear. There are many products including collagen on Avon Brochure 7 2020! Browse it!

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