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Importance of Serum in Skin Care

Discover the importance of serum in skin care with Avon Campaign 11 2021! Serums are one of the last members to join the skincare routine. Thanks to their intense content, they penetrate the skin quickly and act. It has become indispensable especially for women aged thirty and over.

Tense, smooth and luminous skin is everyone’s desire, regardless of age. Due to the increase in access to cosmetic products and the fact that skin care routines are now known by everyone, meeting this desire is making it easier day by day. Now every woman, regardless of age, has a specific skin care routine.

As women get to know their skin, they start to distinguish products that are good for them. This allows new products to be added to routines every day. If you are one of those who attach importance to your skin care but cannot gain the habit of serum, do not worry, you are reading the article that will motivate you and you will see good skincare from the latest Avon Brochure!

Skin Care Routine

There are even those who think serum is no different from moisturizer. However, this thought is of course completely erroneous. The serum is part of your skincare routine rather than a moisturizer. Skin care serums contain powerful ingredients in high concentration ranges. The most important feature of the serum is that it has a formula that allows these dense substances to be absorbed quickly by the skin. The serum you apply is quickly absorbed by the skin and is delivered to the lowest layer of the skin. Thus, the skin is completely nourished and structured.

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Skin care serums can be of two types, water-based and oil-based. When choosing a serum, the structure and needs of the skin and what is expected from the product should be taken into consideration. Attention is paid to the active ingredients that should be included in the serum to be selected in line with these expectations and needs. Hyaluronic acid, vitamins E and C, Ferulic and Retinol are the most used active ingredients in serums. In addition to these substances, there are also serums created using vegetable oils.

Applying Serum

There may be different application methods according to the types of serums. However, there are a few golden rules for every serum. The first of these rules is to always apply the serum on clean skin. Facial cleansing, the first step of the skin care routine, is also important for serum application.

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After cleansing your face with soap-free foaming cleansing gel, you can apply the tonic and then your serum whenever necessary. Immediately after the serum, you need to apply the moisturizer that you use regularly. Because even though the serum contains intense moisturizing ingredients, this does not mean that it can provide the benefits of traditional moisturizers. You can reach all of them on Avon C11 2021! Moreover, you they are on sale now!

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You don’t need to reach a certain age, have wrinkles or have a dry skin to start using the serum. The magical structure of the serums are candidates to enrich your skin care routine with the various effects they have. However, after using it, it is necessary to be patient and wait at least a month so that it can show its effect.

It is a fact that serums have various features and endless benefits. However, some skins, unfortunately, have to be deprived of these benefits. Its special formula, which enables the rapid absorption of the serum, is not suitable for people with skin-weakening conditions such as eczema and rosacea. If your skin does not have an allergic reaction, don’t be too late to use a serum. Find the right serum for you on Avon Catalogue 11 2021!

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The Right Way to Wear Sunscreen

In this article, we shared the right way to wear sunscreen with product recommandations from Avon Campaign 10 2021! There is a care step that should be as indispensable as your moisturizer: Sunscreens.

This product, which protects your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, prevents many skin problems and allows you to protect your skin quality. So what should you do and what should you pay attention to while using your sunscreen? We share some tips and good Avon sun care products in this article! Here u go!

Don’t Trust Makeup

Your foundation, base or powder may have protective properties. You can find many of them on Avon Catalog 10 2021. However, make-up products do not defend your skin against harmful rays as much as it should be, they only support it. So be sure to add a real sunscreen to your daily routine.

Broad Spectrum

The high sun protection factor does not mean that the product will literally shield your skin. When choosing your sunscreen from high SPF products, make sure that it also provides protection against UVA and UVB rays – broad spectrum.

Suitable for Your Skin

Choosing a sunscreen by your skin type will help you get full performance from the product and protect your skin fully. If you are going to have an active day or are on the beach, you can choose water-resistant products, try mattifying formulas if your skin is oily, or you can get support from mineral-containing products if you have sensitive skin. It is possible find good sun care products from Avon C10 2021.

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The sunscreen needs some time to fit the skin and provide full protection. Therefore, do not go out in the sun immediately after applying the product, apply your protector approximately 20 minutes before leaving the house.


The sunscreen you use in the morning does not provide protection all day. You should renew your shield against harmful rays every two hours. If you have made up, you can choose sprays or powder protectors.

Apply Every Day

Do not wait for the sun to come out from behind the clouds to use a sunscreen. If there is light, there are also harmful rays! That’s why you should use sunscreen on off days, even at home.

Don’t Skip the Details

Not only your face, but every exposed area should be protected against harmful rays. The ears, the hairline, especially the neck and décolleté area, which are susceptible to damage easily.

Every Skin Tone

Every skin tone and type needs sunscreen, not just light or sun sensitive skin. Remember that this protection is not instantaneous and prevents many minor and major problems from skin problems to skin cancer.

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Easy Hair Care at Home

In this article, you will see some tricks on easy hair care at home with Avon Campaign 10 2021! Thanks to our easy home hair care recommendations, you can get healthy hair with easy methods you can apply at home. We have compiled hair care masks and other tips that you can apply regularly.

Although being well-groomed is indispensable for women, hair care is also one of the most important points of personal care. Personal care covers the routines that should be done starting from the scalp to every part of the skin. Hair care is also necessary for you to have healthier and more vibrant hair. Since well-groomed hair makes it more attractive and attractive, you can keep your hair alive by regular maintenance.

Most Practical Hair Care Masks

It is often difficult to find safe hands that we can rely on for hair care. If you have dull, dry and problematic hair, it means that you will have more difficulty in hair care. It is important to regularly apply the hair masks you will buy for your hair in order to get effective results. But first of all, it is important to know in which category your hair type falls.

Hair Care from Avon Catalog 10 2021!

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Does Avon Test on Animals?

AVON is the first major cosmetics company to end animal testing more than 20 years ago. This means that products have not been tested on animals for a long time. Respect for animal rights is an important criterion for Avon. Avon uses different product testing methods instead of animals in its experiments.

Does Avon Test on Animals?

However, unfortunately, in some countries, there are tests including animals among the product safety tests. Avon prioritizes the change in regulations so that no experiments are made on animals, and continues to encourage other methods in this regard. It continues its social responsibility activities as usual.

The fact that all countries of the world provide control with other methods in a way that does not harm animal rights encourages Avon and other cosmetic companies even more. China is one of the countries that have taken big steps in these matters; It has recently removed its demand for animal experimentation and has contributed in some way to the industry.

Avon continues to work and adds value to its beauty, prioritizing the respect it gives to animal rights.

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Essential Makeup Products for Summer

See Avon essential makeup products for summer with Avon Campaign 10 2021! BB cream (Tinted Moisturizer), Mascara, Lipstick, Bronzer, Concealer. These five products are among the must-have items in your summer bag. A light BB cream application, soft tones of lipstick application, light concealer and mascara application for effective looks will be enough to add beauty to your beauty.

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During the summer months, perfumes with low or no alcohol content are generally recommended. Just as fresh and light clothes are preferred in summer, light and fresh fragrances should be preferred in the same way. Floral and fruit scents such as greenery, jasmine, lime, sea salt, vanilla, melon, orange scents are included in the light perfumes.

A Wide Range of Avon Products

Not all sunscreens are suitable for all skin types. First of all, it is necessary to know your skin type. The reason is to be able to make the right decision about how to protect. For example, if you have white skin, that is, you have sensitive skin, you should pay attention to SPF and choose a product with at least 30 factors. If your skin color is dark, there is no need for a high-protection sun care product. You should choose at least 15 factors just to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. For babies and children, you should prefer products with high protection. You can find all of them on Avon C10 2021 easily. Browse this Avon Brochure in detail and enjoy shopping with a wide range of products!

Favorite Avon Products from C10 AVON 2021

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