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Best Selling Avon Products in Social Distancing Period

Here are Best Selling Avon Products in Social Distancing Period with Avon Campaign 16 2020. In the social distancing period, we browse the most popular makeup materials together! By spending the past few months at home as much as possible, we have secured ourselves and our loved ones. It is a fact that this process was a little stressful for all of us. From time to time, we made makeup purchases to raise our morale and feel good. So are you wondering about the best selling makeup materials in the social distance period like us?

Avon Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer

If you want to give a radiant glow on your skin, Avon Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer is one of our best makeup ingredients. You can both use it as a makeup base and use this product to get a luminous effect alone. Thanks to its content, it gives an energetic and fresh effect. Check out Avon Catalog 16 2020 for this useful Avon Product.

Avon True Flawless Liquid Foundation

Avon True Flawless Liquid Foundation, one of the favorite foundations, is on our list. It is an excellent option for a natural and flawless complexion!

mark. Nude Matte Cream Concealer

If you are looking for a permanent concealer all day long thanks to its mild formula that hides even the darkest under-eye bruises, gives a bright and rested effect to the skin. Nude Matte Cream Concealer is for you. View this from Avon C16 2020!

Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner

If you’re looking for permanent eyeliner, Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner is a good option. This product does not flow, smear, or disperse. If you are looking for an eyeliner that you can use without flowing even in the eye, you should try this.

True Color Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara

One of the most popular mascaras in the social distancing period is True Color Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara. With its specially shaped brush and formula, it gives the lashes volume from the inside to the outside, making the eyes look lighter and larger. If you want to have effective looks too, you should try True Color Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara as soon as possible.

Avon True Power Stay Lip Colour

Avon True Power Stay Lip Color is one of the best products of makeup bags. With its colors and super permanent feature, this product, which does not have a problem of a refresher after driving once, is one of the favorite products!

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Foundation-Free Makeup for Summer

In this article, you will see Foundation-Free Makeup for Summer with products of Avon Campaign 16 2020! If you do not want to expose your skin to the dense layers of the foundation in the hot summer months, there are different options you can apply. We have shared with you the tips that will hide your skin imperfections while allowing your skin to breathe.

Makeup Bases

If you use the foundation for minor imperfections such as a more vibrant skin or texture equalization, you can benefit from makeup bases for every need. These products, which help to apply the foundation more effectively and flawlessly, can also save the day on their own. You should try Avon Primers. For example; VDL Lumilayer Primer is on sale with savings up to $8 from Avon Catalog 16 2020.


It is not worth using all your skin foundation for a few small pimples. You can camouflage your intruder with a matte concealer in the same tone as your skin. For a more permanent result, you can apply transparent powder under or over the concealer. Cashmere Complexion Longwear Concealer is one of the best choices for this. Check out page 48 of C16 2020!

Color Correctors

If you have a problem with skin tones such as pale skin, rashes or blemishes, color-regulating creams can help you. Make your skin clearer with formulas that synchronize skin appearance by acting as a Corrector.

Transparent Powder

If you complain about shine or large pore appearance during the day, the transparent powders should be the fixtures of your makeup collection. By applying this product lightly, you can eliminate excessive shine on your skin. At the same time, transparent powders that you will apply on the pores in a circular motion create a filtered result.

Tinted Face Oil

If you need one more concealer than all these ideas, you can try hybrid care products. Tinted Face Oils, which are the favorite of the last period, are our favorite! These products that lighten the skin tone with its light, transparent tone while softening and pampering the skin may be the favorite makeup product of summer days. If you insist on concealing, let’s point out that colored moisturizers are also a great option.

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Beauty Tips During Pregnancy

Time to check out Beauty Tips During Pregnancy with Avon Campaign 16 2020! As long as women are health and well-groomed, they find ways to look beautiful in every period. Especially during pregnancy, expectant mothers add more beauty to their beauty with the excitement of being a mother. In addition, there are a few tips that will make this beauty in you more reflected on your appearance!

C vitamin

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that should not be forgotten especially during pregnancy. In addition to having plenty of vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables, this vitamin both protects your vascular health and prevents you from skin diseases such as varicose veins. You can check out C Vitamin products of Avon from Avon Catalog 16 2020! Moreover, most of them are on discount now!


We strongly recommend that you avoid hair removal creams that contain the most annoying hairs during pregnancy. Because the thioglycolic acid contained in it can be a threat both for your baby and for your own health, even if its accuracy is not fully proven.


You may encounter problems like acne as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you can use oil-free cleansers and moisturizers that we can especially recommend to you. We also recommend using more herbal ingredients.


First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to hair care products, hair dyes, shampoos, and hair needs that should be used during pregnancy. Because the ingredient contained in P-phenylenediamine can sometimes be dangerous during pregnancy. For this reason, it will be better for you if you buy such products by paying attention to its content.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the oldest methods used by pregnant women. Pregnant women of coconut oil can use this oil as a body lotion, as well as a nipple cream. You should try Avon Coconut Oil Multipurpose Cream. It provides long-lasting moisturization.

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Easy Solutions To Hair Problems

In this article, we shared some easy solutions to Hair Problems with products of Avon Campaign 16 2020! Well-groomed hair is an indispensable part of the beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, the hair has many problems such as dandruff, shedding, static hair, unwanted whites, and greasing. Here are practical suggestions for women to deal with these daunting problems. Also, you should check out hair care products from Avon C16 2020 in detail!


Dandruff consists of dead cells pouring from the outermost surface of the skin and is usually poured from areas where the hairs are located. Although this is a genetic condition, the amount may increase depending on the seasons or some external factors. Although it is not possible to get rid of dandruff precisely, doctors say that this situation can be controlled.

Oiled Hair

Did you know that oily hair has many benefits? For example, the rate of fat in the hair helps to shine the hair. However, there is a very fine line between shiny hair and oily hair and it is necessary to pay attention to it. If you have an intense rate of oil in your hair, it is useful to remove the oil from the scalp bypassing the scalp twice before shampooing the hair. It is also important how women with oily hairstyles as well as how they wash their hair. Because brushing and combing the hair frequently speeds up the greasiness. Also, the hair should be collected as little as possible.

Hair loss

One of the most important problems of women with their hair is undoubtedly hair loss. Experts think that this problem, which is mostly seen in men, becomes evident in women, and is related to our different lifestyles. Hormonal imbalance, stress, unbalanced nutrition are the first in these external factors. In addition, hair dyes containing intense chemicals cause hair loss. Today, there are many series that delay hair loss and give volume to the hair. If you want to apply more intensive care during seasonal transitions, you can turn to effective serum and masks against hair loss.

Static Hair

Incorrect washing and combing cause electrifying hair. Especially the effect of the metal hairbrushes we use cannot be ignored. For this reason, it is useful to use wooden brushes prepared with natural bristles. You can also apply some amount of conditioner to the brush while combing to reduce static hair. In addition, hair treatments are recommended to prevent electrification. Jojoba oil, which you will apply to your hair twice a week, reduces static hair.

Hair Care from Avon Catalog 16 2020;

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10 Makeup Tips for Hot Weather

Makeup on hot and humid summer days requires an ability so we shared 10 simple makeup tips for how Weather in this article with Avon Campaign 16 2020! In addition to using water-resistant make-up products, there are many different details to be considered when applying. If you want to have an impressive appearance in the city or summer resorts this summer, we invite you to read the rest of the article.

It is beneficial to use a water-based moisturizer that does not contain oil as a base while wearing makeup in summer. Otherwise, your skin may be lubricated with moisture during the day.

In addition to moisturizing, do not forget to protect your skin from the damage of UVA and UVB rays. Complete the second stage of make-up with a high SPF preservative suitable for daily use.

Primers from Avon Catalog 16 2020;

Do not forget to use Primer to T zone, nose edges, and cheeks in order to increase the permanence of makeup. A Primer that will be applied under foundation or blush in humid weather will help the skin look healthier for a longer time. However, do not overdo it when using this product. Otherwise, your skin may look pale and dull.

Although makeup artists do not recommend using a foundation in hot and humid summer months, if you need intense coverage, you can go for a liquid or gel-based matte foundation.

mark. Nude Matte Cream Concealer

For those with regional acne, skin blemish, or skin tone differences, we recommend that you turn to a stick concealer in creamy texture instead of using foundation. Concealers with a creamy texture contain more pigment when they contain more intense pigment, providing coverage all day long even on the hottest days.

Powder-based matte bronzers are among our suggestions for summer makeup. You can apply this product, which provides a healthy glow to the skin, makes the eyes appear and make the teeth appear whiter, with a brush on the areas where the sun naturally touches (forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose bone).

In the hot summer months, it is useful to stay away from powder-based blush. You can apply the gel, cream, or liquid blush on your cheeks for an eye-catching look all day long. In order to increase the permanence, you can fix the areas where you just apply blush with a transparent powder in a light texture.

Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara

Undoubtedly, eye makeup is among the riskiest areas on hot and humid days. For a long-lasting fresh look, you should stay away from shimmering products and apply a stabilizer base before applying makeup on the eyelids. When choosing eyeliner, eyeliner, and mascara, it is important to turn to water-resistant ones.

Lip gloss and matte lipsticks are among the makeup products that you should avoid moist air. You can complete your makeup with a colored lip moisturizer or a lip stain, as the lips dry up frequently throughout the day.

And it’s time for the final stage of makeup; It is very important to spray a stabilizing and protective moisturizing spray on your skin before going out on the hot summer days.

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