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Most Practical Makeup Applicators

Today, we share the most practical makeup applicators with Avon Campaign 11 2020. With a quick makeup application, you can start the day ready in a few minutes. Do not be afraid of wearing makeup like a pro or not applying products correctly. We’ve researched practical applicators to make your job easier and help you get a perfect make-up. Also, we have listed some Avon Products for you. Let’s check it out!

Brushes from Avon Catalog 11 2020;

Angled Liner Brush

This sharp tip brush provides a fast eyeliner application and helps you to fill your eyebrows in a few seconds and even sharpen the borders of dark lipsticks.

Angled Brush

These brushes, which sit on the face structure, are a great help to determine the lines. It is also very easy to apply spot shot blush with angled brushes that allow you to apply contours like a pro.

Wide Fan Brush

This brush is among the secret heroes, although most of us are not used to it. The perfectly blended contours and brush you can use for blush also do wonders in bronzer and powder.

Makeup Sponge

We can say that it is one of the beauty inventions of the era. Egg sponges, which allow you to apply natural finish foundation and concealer in a few minutes, make cream contours and blush as a child’s play on the skin. Let’s also say that he is among our favorites to get the powdered look and refresher.

Mixing Brush

The brush, which applies the headlight without any sharp borders with its tip shape and bristle structure, is enough for a quick smokey eye. Use the bumper movements for the places you want to darken after blending the transition color to the eyelid with the sweeping motion.

Dome Brush

Do not mislead you to call a product as a blush brush. Dome-tipped brushes work in many ways thanks to their special shapes. With this brush, sweep the powder that you keep under the eyes, shape your face without pressing the tip too hard, and then apply a flawless blush.

Body Brush

If you want to apply makeup on your body in the hot summer, use brushes designed specifically for this job, not your hands. These large, dense and hand-held brushes can feed all formulas into the skin in seconds, from cream products to powdered bronzers.

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Tips On Growing Your Hair Fast

We’ve shared some tips on growing your hair fast with haircare products from Avon Campaign 11 2020. Healthy and fast-growing hair start with a healthy scalp. The irritated, dry, and sensitive scalp is one of the biggest enemies of fast-growing hair. Treat your scalp with purifying, repairing shampoo and masks.

You should support your hair with your diet as well as with care products. While the care products alone cannot show their performance, your hair care routine combined with a diet designed with plenty of water and beneficial proteins is the secret of long hair.

Classic pillowcases can increase friction and cause damage to the hair strands, resulting in an unhealthy appearance and breaks. While the hair length does not grow efficiently, you may have to cut your hair frequently. Make sure your hair does not lose its strength and grow healthily with silk pillowcases.

Hair Care Products from Avon Catalog 11 2020;

Chi Pro Tools;

Classic towels can absorb moisture and natural oils and damage the hair. Dry it gently without damaging your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber towel that you are not using. Hair that does not lose moisture and oil will grow extra fast.

Washing your hair frequently will damage and refine both your scalp and hair strands by drying them extra. This results in frustrated and slow-growing hair. Apply your hair wash routine intermittently and give your hair the opportunity to nourish it from natural oils.

Your scalp’s own oil offers a natural care and restorative effect to your hair. Spread this oil on your strands with a few brush strokes before going to bed and enjoy your effortless restorative-nourishing care.


The massage you will apply to your dry or wet scalp accelerates your blood circulation, increases the root nutrition of the hair, and thus allows it to grow faster. Hit two birds with one stone with the massage application that will be performed while rinsing your shampoo.

Do not forget to feed your hair from the outside with care cures that you will apply to natural sources such as coconut and almond oil, which are specially formulated, revitalizing, and strengthening care products.

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6 Care Tips for the New Season

Discover 6 tips for a care routine that will adapt your skin to a warm climate. Also, we share some product recommendations from Avon Campaign 11 2020! Let’s come to today’s topic! The skin is exposed to many harmful external factors, especially in winter, when the weather is more polluted. Skin problems such as accumulated toxins, edema, and inflammation, such as tissue disorder, acne, or white spots may be seen. So start your spring routine with an antioxidant step.

Purify Deeply

Environmental pollution intensified in the winter season may cause the pores to become more clogged and therefore to fatigue the skin. That’s why acne can occur on your skin. Purify your skin from the remnants of the cold climate by applying a deep cleansing treatment cure at home or by getting help from professionals for a quicker and more effective result. There are a few great products on page 26 of Avon Catalog 11 2020. So check it out!

Products with SPF

You may need to use more products with SPF in the spring season than in the winter, along with the extended daylight hours and the sun, which is more willing to show your face. In addition to fully sheltered products, products that can function well as the make-up base can help you in your fast morning routines.

Clean the Stains

If you are suffering from skin blemishes, it’s time to intensify the work to get rid of them. For spots that are more prone to increase with sunlight, you can choose an intensely effective skin color equalizer serum or glycolic acid peeling products.

Get effective solutions for your skin that dries and matters with cold weather. With the help of professional moisture and vitamin treatments that will saturate your skin with water and auxiliary products, you will add among the products you use, remove the shade from the skin in the winter and start the spring with a fresh, vibrant and full skin.

Renew Your Care Products

Spring up your intense daily routine, which you use to pamper your skin in the winter season and protect it against environmental influences. Instead of strong creams, you can breathe your skin with light formula moisturizers that can meet the needs of the skin and increase your SPF preferences and protect your skin more effectively against the sun.

So here are 6 Care Tips for the New Season and Avon Brochure 11 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products and deals, you can visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Twitter! Here you go!

5 Benefits of Vitamin C in Skincare

Today’s topic is about 5 benefits of Vitamin C. Vitamin C, which is among the natural components of the skin at a young age, but whose reserves are exhausted as we get older, is one of the strong helpers of skincare. This content, which can be used by many skin types, is among the essentials of a healthy, young, and energetic appearance. We’ve researched the 5 benefits of Vitamin C, the most optimist ally in the beauty world. Also, we share some skincare products from Avon Campaign 11 2020. You shouldn’t miss these prices!

Provides Color Equality

If you’re looking for an energizing care product, look for Vitamin C in the top corner of the formula list. It should be noted that he is also good for the rashes caused by inflammation.

A Real Antioxidant

If you want to protect the skin from environmental factors, give this Vitamin C a chance. Free radicals can not pass through the Vitamin C shield due to the signs of aging and damaged skin tissue. Vitamin C, which sacrifices itself instead of healthy skin cells, prevents harmful parts in the atmosphere from reaching the skin.

Supports Collagen Production

The production speed of collagen, which we can call the skeleton of the skin, decreases with age, and many problems can arise from growing pores to sagging until Vitamin C comes into play. Medical studies show that collagen production increases in the skin supported by Vitamin C.

Vitamin C from Avon Catalog 11 2020;

By the way, If you want to buy all of them, you will pay for $39.99!

Accelerates Cell Regeneration

Vitamin C, one of the heroes of skincare, also accelerates cell regeneration, which slows down due to aging, stress, sleep disturbance, and environmental factors. Therefore, problems such as scars and tissue disorders disappear with this aid.

Prevents Signs of Aging

If an ingredient is antioxidant, it is equal in color, supports collagen production, and accelerates cell regeneration, it can be at the forefront of the fight against these powerful allied signs of aging. Vitamin C, which synchronizes the skin spots that occur with aging, collects the skin that sags with collagen production, prevents wrinkles with cell renewal, and protects healthy skin cells with its antioxidant feature.

Here are 5 Benefits of Vitamin C in Skincare with products of Avon Brochure 11 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products or deals, you can visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Twitter!

Spring Skincare Routines

Spring months are the most ideal months to renew our skin and body so we share with you how to care your skin on spring at home, how spring skincare routines, and what needs attention. Also, we publish Avon Campaign 11 2020. You can find many healthy and useful selections in this brochure. Let’s take a look at it!

With the arrival of spring, there are some differences in the needs of our skin. Our skin, which is exposed to factors such as cold weather and wind, gets very tired during the seasonal transitions. It is important to pay attention to skincare and nutrition in order to have a healthy and vibrant appearance with the spring months. Especially since our skin reacts more to the seasonal conditions in spring compared to other months, skincare becomes very important. In addition, making your diet healthy is among the most important secrets of skin beauty.

Change Moisturizer

The most important rule of healthy and bright skin is a balanced moisture rate. The harsh weather conditions of the winter season affect the skin both internally and externally, leaving a corrosive effect. Especially cold and dry air causes the skin to dry and irritate. It is necessary to provide the moisture content to provide the care needed for the skin that loses moisture, dries, and cracks under the influence of cold weather. For this, you can benefit from products that are suitable for the skin type, as well as support external care with the right nutrients from the inside.


Peeling is one of the most effective methods to remove dead skin in a short time. If you want to refresh your skin in spring, make sure to peel once a week. Regular peeling is very important for skin beauty and health. For this, you can choose professional care, as well as homemade peeling recipes will greatly help. The point to be careful here is if you have acne; instead of peeling, you prefer light masks. Your skin will be brighter, more vibrant, and radiant in the spring with the choice of peeling suitable for your skin type. You should try Extra Strenght Retexturizing Peel. You can check this Avon Product on page 33 of Avon Catalog 11 2020!

Here are Spring Skincare Routines and Avon Brochure 11 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, and tips, you can visit the main page! Also, follow us on Twitter! Here you go!