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Avon Campaign 18 2019 with Skin Care After A Workout

In this article, you will learn what to do after a workout and what products of Avon Campaign 18 2019 you should apply.

A training that will make you sweat will benefit both your mind, your body, and your soul. However, if you neglect to do proper cleansing and nourishing skincare after training, this training can be as harmful as it is beneficial to your skin.

The acceleration of your heart rate is good for your circulation, so your skin gets a healthy glow as you want. However, as a result of this sweating, both you and your skin may remain dehydrated and the risk of clogging your pores may increase. According to experts, with proper cleansing and moisturizing techniques, it can help your skin recover after an intensive yoga, cycling or another training session.

Step 1: Cleaning

After a workout, your priority should be cleaning. According to experts, removal of dirt and oil is very important, because makeup and dirt residues can mix with oil and sweat, causing irritation and clogging of the pores. Therefore, careful and meticulous cleaning is a must. It is better to go to the gym without makeup to keep your skin as clean as possible. However, if you want to do some make-up, you can prefer Avon Magix Brightening Tinted Moisturizer, a light-colored moisturizer to help keep your pores open. You can see more details about this product on page 33 of Avon Campaign 18 2019.

Even if you prefer to do makeup while going to the gym, you will want to clean your face after sweating. You are free to choose the cleansing product you want, but the most practical solution you can carry in your gym bag, without the risk of spills, is a package of make-up wipes. For these reasons, you should try Avon Makeup Remover Wipes with Mineral Complex. Moreover, the texture of these wipes, combined with the cleansing components of the product, will gently remove all kinds of sweat, dirt, oil, and makeup. If you want to see more details about it, you can check out page 36 of Avon Brochure 18 2019.

Step 2: Moisturizer

You should apply a moisturizer that re-moisturizes the dehydrating skin, making it smooth and radiant. In addition to drinking plenty of water to saturate your body moisture, you will need to apply a moisturizer to restore the moisture that your skin loses during training. Conventional moisturizers can be oily and stay on the skin as a protective shield to keep the skin feeling soft and prevent water loss. However, it would be more appropriate to use a moisturizer that deeply moistens the skin from the inside to the outside, preserving the radiance of the skin and providing long-term flexibility.

It is true that you prefer a product such as Avon Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream, which is naturally present in the skin and contains hyaluronic acid that allows the skin to retain moisture, absorbed immediately and leaves no oily residue. If you want to see more details about it, you can see on page 15 of Avon Catalog 18 2019.

What should be the last step of your skincare after a workout?

Before going out, do not forget to use any SPF product you want! Just as your cardio training protects your heart health, regular use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection will also protect your radiant skin from sunlight. Daily sunscreens are essential for the prevention of sun damage, early signs of aging and skin cancer.

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Avon Campaign 18 2019 Useful Products for Good Makeup

In this article, you’ll see five ways to look more groomed in five minutes with fabulous products of Avon Campaign 18 2019! The morning hours are very valuable for everyone. It can be more valuable, especially for women. There are simple ways to extend this precious time in bed. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

MoisteningAvon Catalog 18 2019

Dry skin brings many problems. Creating a barrier against moisture loss helps to reduce the feeling of redness, tension, and itching. A skin that meets the need for water always appears sparkling. Moisturizing makes your skin wake up. Be sure to use a moisturizer to provide the moisture your skin needs in the first step of skincare in the morning. If you are looking for good products related to this topic, you should focus on page 15 of Avon Campaign 18 2019! Avon Anew Fusion Gel Cream is on sale now. Moreover, it is on discount now. When you buy it, you can save up to $15!


Especially sensitive skin can be exposed to burning and redness. Micellar water relaxes dry and sensitive skin and protects the skin’s moisture. Another step in color regulation is under-eye concealers. Concealers are also available in various colors to hide skin imperfections. For example, you can choose different colors to cover bruises, blemish marks or redness. Instead of foundation, you can also use BB, CC or colored moisturizers.

Add color!

You can have a vibrant face in seconds with a tanning powder or a peach-colored blush. Multi-purpose products that you can use both lipstick and blush make it easy to save time. You can apply the same product to your eyelids for a natural and rested look. For this, you can try Avon True Color Bronzing Pearls. You can see for more details on page 35 of Avon Brochure 18 2019.


Illuminators sold in powder, liquid and cream forms give your face a more vivid and radiant appearance. You can apply the illuminator on the starting point of the eyebrows, on the nose bone, on the cheeks, on the lips, on the cheekbones and on the chin to highlight your bones.

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Avon Campaign 18 2019 with The Easiest Way to Contour

Although contour application may seem difficult, it is actually very easy and you can learn the answer to the question of how to make the most simple contour application with Avon Campaign 18 2019 in this article. You can resize your face using shadow and light games. So, how can we do this in the simplest way? The basic rule is that the dark color hides the places you want to keep, and the light color highlights the places you want to highlight.

What is the simplest contour done with?

When you make a contour, you will need 2 colors, light and dark. When making a contour with a dark color, it is a professional method to emphasize the contour even more by applying a light color to the end of the dark color. You can also apply the contour directly on your skin or on your foundation or BB cream.

Avon offers you a great product for an easy contour application. Avon True Color Transforming Contour Stick is on sale now. Thanks to its stick form are very simple to use and useful product. When you buy it at $10.89, you can save up to 2.20. If you want to see more details about this, you should browse on page 34 of Avon Campaign 18 2019.

How to Apply a Contour?

Instead of 2 separate items, you can use dual contour palettes. Portable in the bag, practical, you can refresh your makeup at any time. Apply light color to cheekbones and other areas of the face to be bright. Apply the dark color under the cheekbones without pressing too much to give depth to the face. Then spread the dark line around her in a slightly degraded manner without spreading too much around. This will highlight and reveal your cheekbones.

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Avon Campaign 18 2019 with Natural Makeup Rules

Natural make-up is always an easy style to look well-groomed and pleasant, and you can easily learn how to do it with products of Avon Campaign 18 2019 from this article. Moreover, any woman can do this makeup! The important thing is to apply the right products. Here are 10 golden rules for natural makeup!

There are some rules for effortless beauty. If you follow them, you will have a natural make-up that looks so effortless. If you are ready, let’s begin!

Colorful moisturizer

A natural make-up without colored moisturizer can of course not be! Use Avon Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer for vivid, natural, healthy, smooth and bright skin. If you want to see this selection, you can browse on page 33. When you buy 1, you will get 1 half price! Don’t miss awesome savings up to $7!


You can easily solve this problem with Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick. The darkest rings get destroyed in the most natural way with these awesome products. The thin structure of this concealer illuminates your eye area in the most natural way. Thanks to the stick form are also very easy to use. You can check out this on page 34 of Avon Brochure 18 2019.


Avon True Color Illuminating Stick can be used in cheek and eye makeup. You can use this product at any point you want to shine on your face. You shouldn’t leave the essence of natural makeup! It would be nice if your skin emits light. For more details about it, you can browse on page 34 of Avon Campaign 18 2019.


Natural make-up shading is essential because it is essential to make the face look contoured and bony. For this reason, you should try Avon True Color Transforming Contour Stick. You can check this on page 34 of Avon Catalog 18 2019. When you buy it, you will save up to $2.10. Don’t miss this reasonable price.

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Avon Campaign 18 2019 With Best Eyebrow Pencils

There are many ways to shape and thicken your eyebrows, and you will learn from this article with the best products of Avon Campaign 18 2019. The most common is to use eyebrow pencils and it’s time to browse them with Avon Brochure 18 2019!

Thick and noticeable eyebrows both make the eyes look deeper and make a significant emphasis on makeup. If you are complaining about thin and non-growing eyebrows, you can benefit from eyebrow pencils. Eyebrow pencils give a natural emphasis to eyebrows and are easy to apply. Because it provides a controlled application, you can give your eyebrows any shape you want. Moreover, due to the pencil form, it is possible to make the eyebrow cavities appear to be full.

In addition, eyebrow pencils are softer than eye pencils, easy to spread and dispense. Therefore, never use eye pencils instead of eyebrow pencils, eyebrow pencils are produced specifically for the structure of the eyebrows. These products are dispersible and powdered. Eye pencils are harder, clearer and darker.

How to Use an Eyebrow Pencil?

First,  you should brush your eyebrows with the eyebrow brush to apply the eyebrow pencil.  You will get rid of the powder and foundation remaining on your eyebrows with this process. Put marks on the eyebrows with a pencil to mark the shape of your eyebrow. Do the same where you want to fill. Meanwhile, your eyebrow pencil should never be darker than your hair and eyebrow color.

Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Pencil delicately scratches eyebrows and fills sparse areas. It creates perfect looking eyebrows. Moreover, it maintains its permanence throughout the day. Maintains its appearance for hours as if it were newly applied without having to refresh.  You can check out this product on page 30 of Avon Campaign 18 2019 if you want to see more details about it.

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