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What You Need to Know About Daily Skincare

Let’s check out some useful information about what you need to know about daily skincare with Avon Campaign 22 2020! Skincare is a normal routine of life, just like sports, nutrition, breathing, and drinking. When we disrupt this routine, we encounter unwanted results for our skin. Of course, skincare can turn into a burden after a while, just as exercising every day sounds tiring.

Preventive Care

First of all, removing the potentially harmful effects that damage our skin from our lives is the first and most important step in skincare. Smoking, steep sunlight, strong cold winds, showering with too hot water, leaving the skin dry without moisture, washing clothes, dishes with bare hands. These are all details that we have to take countermeasures as external effects that cause severe damage to the skin. Reducing the effects of these in our lives as much as possible will mean that we take measures against problems that damage the skin.

We have taken precautions, but still, some situations will be impossible to avoid. We are not in a state of being close to the house for the rest of our lives because the sun harms the skin. Eventually, we have to go out. Of course, we can use this option if we have the option to go out when the sun is not steep.

However, our skin may tend to dry out due to weather conditions and wind, so we should continue with preventive care applications such as moisturizing cream and hand cream every day. In addition, we can apply solutions such as spot cream for the spots on our skin before the problem gets too big. For this type of skincare products, we recommend that you also browse Avon products.

Skincare while feeding

You should keep in mind that your skin health is also linked to nutrition. Considering the needs of your skin during your diet, you can ensure that the skin renews and heals itself. You can add foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A to your daily meals. You can put a high lycopene flavor such as roasted tomato or tomato sauce on your plate at one meal of the day and you will have an opportunity for your skin to renew itself.

Skincare by Avon Catalog 22 2020;

Here is useful information about what you need to know about daily skincare with Avon Brochure 22 2020! If you want to see more products and deals, you should browse all the pages of Avon C22 2020 in detail! Also, you can follow us on Youtube! Thus, you can be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog in the USA!

Autumn Makeup in 3 Steps

Today’s topic is about Autumn Makeup in 3 Steps with Avon Campaign 21 2020! This autumn, the contours we have used for years to sharpen the facial features are replaced by a simpler approach. You can easily apply these more natural-looking makeup trends at home.

Start with simple and soft skin

One of the most striking trends in fashion shows this season was the use of bronzer, which was lightly applied and distributed on the strategic points of the face instead of the application of sharp contours. To get that fresh and healthy skin look, make sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin thoroughly first. If you have sensitive skin, you can use non-foaming facial cleansers. Afterward, you can use a moisturizer that deeply moisturizes your skin and provides fullness to achieve a fresh and plump appearance. For this, moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid, one of the popular ingredients of the recent period, will come to your rescue. And it will make your skin look healthier and brighter than ever before. See Avon Catalog 21 2020 in detail and find what you are looking for at the lowest prices!

A new era in eye makeup

In the eyes, we will see neither too bright nor too dull and dull eyes in the next season. Due to the combination of matte and metallic finish headlights, eyes that do not come too close to any extreme appearance and are easily ready for day and night use have declared their dominance. By the way, there are many headlights on Avon C21 2020! See it in detail. They are accompanied by long, romantic-looking lashes. To prepare your eyes for this look, be sure to moisturize your under eyes well, for this you can use eye creams with a radiant finish. Likewise, an eye cream containing hyaluronic acid will make your eyes look smooth and rested as you slept for 9 hours the night before.

Don’t forget your lips

We may have ignored our lips because of the masks we have been wearing for a few months. But as we saw in the new season, lips are again becoming the focus of makeup. Dark burgundy or brick shades of lipsticks are all you need to take your plain skin and eye makeup to the next level! Like every autumn, dark lipsticks will be indispensable for women who like an assertive lip look.

Here is Autumn Makeup in 3 Steps with Avon Brochure 21 2020. For more Avon Products, beauty tips, and deals, visit the main page. Also, you can follow us on Youtube! Thus, you can be one of the firsts who view the latest Avon Catalog!

How to Choose a Winter Perfume

In this article, you will see some tips about how to choose a winter perfume with Avon Campaign 21 2020! During the summer, we prefer perfumes that are light, flowery, and fresh, but winter is here and it’s time to change the perfume! So how do we find the perfume that will suit the winter?

You can choose perfumes according to your mood or you can use different perfumes according to the time of the day, but you should make the biggest change when the season turns. Because the perfume you prefer in the summer season may not be noticed by anyone during the winter. We have some suggestions for you to choose the perfect fragrance for cold and dark winter days, don’t decide without reading!

Heavy scents just for winter

You can prefer heavy and intense perfumes, especially in winter, as our skin is drier and scent molecules are dispersed more slowly in cold weather. Thus, your perfume will be permanent throughout the day.

It should be a warm and comforting fragrance

Just as you want to wear soft sweaters, warm coats, and comfortable clothes in winter, it is important that the perfume you choose feels the same. Find yourself a cozy scent that envelops you like a cocoon that protects you against these harsh and cold days.

Especially choose eau de parfum

If you want to keep your fragrance lasting, choose fragrances labeled as eau de parfume, suitable for eau de cologne or eau de toilette. Eau de perfume contains more intense fragrance and is more permanent.

Pay attention to the base notes

Just as flowers and fresh scents that make you feel cool in summer, woody, spicy or sweet scents are preferred more in winter. Since these fragrance families have stronger base notes, they provide stabilization and permanence of the fragrance.

Fragrance by Avon Catalog 21 2020;

Here are some useful tips about how to choose a winter perfume with Avon Brochure 21 2020! You can reach more Avon Products on Avon C21 2020! Also, you can follow us on Youtube! Thus, you can be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog!

5 Steps to Perfect Eye Makeup Secrets

Check out 5 steps to perfect eye makeup secrets with Avon Campaign 21 2020! These days, when we live the new normal, walking around wearing masks has changed our makeup habits. We almost do not wear skin make-up, we have come to save the day with eye makeup. Therefore, it is now much more important to create an effective appearance in the eyes. You can have impressive looks with 5 steps you will apply.

We begin by saying that product quality is as important as driving techniques for perfect eye make-up and we explain the secrets of eye makeup.

Make Preparation

You should make preparation for eye makeup just like you do for skin makeup. Apply eye makeup or concealer to your eyelids. Complete this step by applying a beige shadow over the base. The preparation you make increases the permanence of your eye make-up and prevents the headlight from accumulating in the fold area of ​​your eye, smearing, and flowing. We recommend that you do not skip this step, especially on hot days.

Create misty looks with headlight

For the second step, use two different shades of eyeshadow from the same color family, one light and one dark. Apply the light shadow all over your eyelids and distribute it well. Apply a two-tone dark shadow of the eyeshadow on your eyelid in a V shape on the outer edge of your eye and distribute the eyeshadow thoroughly with round brush strokes. If your eyelid is low, apply dark shadows to your fold area. Thus, you can make your eyelids appear raised.

Light your eyes

To make your eye structure a little bigger and brighten your eyes, apply a light color and bright finish eye shadow or illuminator to your eye fountains. By applying the same product under your eyebrows, you can get a brighter look.

Create voluminous lashes with mascara

We can say that mascara is the most important step in eye makeup. No matter how perfectly you follow the above steps, bare eyelashes will make your makeup look less powerful. The more voluminous your eyelashes are, the better your make-up shows itself. If you are looking for a good mascara, you should take a look at this Avon Catalog! Here you go!

Apply eyeliner

Apply eyeliner to prevent the appearance of your skin color from your upper eyelashes. Applying flawless eyeliner in one go requires a hand habit. In order to gain this habit and make eyeliner application easier, put dots on your eyelashes and connect them. Let us remind you that thin-tipped liquid eyeliners offer ease of use.

Here are 5 steps to perfect eye makeup secrets with Avon Brochure 21 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, and beauty tips, you can visit the main page. Also, you can follow us on Youtube! Here you go!

Top 10 Nail Polish Colors of Autumn

Discover the top 10 nail polish colors of Autumn with Avon Campaign 21 2020! In the new season, manicure colors are simple, mysterious, and highly sophisticated. Discover the trendiest nail polishes of autumn, from mystical floral tones to dusty and muted nudes.

Deep blue

Although black is among the indispensables of every season, those who want to try a different color but as wild as black should definitely try deep and characterful dark blue tones this season.

Winter flowers

Dark flower tones in purple, fuchsia, and damson range enliven your manicure with mystical, energetic, and mysterious colors.

Dark Nickel

The reign of metallic finishes on the nails continues with dark silver tones twinkling black and a more sophisticated aura.

Silent Nude

It’s time to shelve your caramel and peach nudes, which go well with tan skin. This season’s nude color is quite light, neutral, and muted.


Gray has been a staple in nails for the last few seasons. This natural shade is again among the favorites with its new undertone that winked with blue/khaki.

Terracotta Tones

From burnt sand colors to fired earth tones, the terracotta range is one of the season’s latest manicure favorites.

Luxury Red

The orange twinkling red of the summer season gets its true color in the new season and gives the nails a femme fatal, luxurious effect.

Oil Green

Watch out for this color that alternates between blue and green. With its playful and attractive effect, petrol green is one of the colors that are rapidly climbing the trend steps.

Vintage Pink

It’s a bit romantic, a little bit feminine, but never cliché. If you like joker tones on nails, vintage pink is among your new favorites.


For nails that have an eye-catching appearance with transparent sparkles, be sure to add light tones of champagne to your portfolio in autumn.

Here are the top 10 nail polish colors of Autumn with Avon Brochure 21 2020! If you want to reach more beauty tips, Avon Products, or deals, you can visit the main page. Also, you can visit the category page and view other Avon Catalog. And, you should follow us on Youtube and be the first who views the latest Avon Campaign! Here you go!