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Avon Lipsticks for Everyone!

Time to check out Avon Lipsticks for Everyone! We know very well that everyone has different criteria when choosing a lipstick. You can easily find the most trendy lipstick that meets the criteria you are looking for among all Avon’s lipstick varieties.

Let’s look at lipsticks from Avon Campaign 18 2020 together!

For those who like to use matte lipstick, the perfect matte lipstick that feels perfect all day long is in Avon! Moreover, 100% matte colors that last for hours provide full coverage on your lips. 98% of women who try the special formula that does not clump, smudge, and dry lips recommend these lipsticks.

If you want my lipstick to stay for long hours and not to smudge, Power Stay Liquid Matte Lipstick is for you. It has an intense pigment that is permanent for up to 16 hours and does not smudge.

If you want my lips to shine and shine as I move, discover Mark Prism with 1000 pearls inside!

If you are looking for a professional matte look for lips, Avon Legend Matte Lipstick is for you. It allows you to apply a professional lip make-up with its high pigment, diamond-cut tip, and base effect.

For those who prefer to use creamy lipstick, the softer lipstick, new Avon Creme Legend Lipstick gives more intense color while moisturizing your lips. With its real sharpness for a professional lip look, it makes you feel gorgeous every time you apply it.

Avon Creme Legend stands out with three different features. It provides deep moisture, intense color, and professional appearance with every ride. It is more than a lipstick and we claim; with it, all attention will be on you!

How To Apply Lipstick?

It is very important to prepare the lips before applying lipstick. To get rid of the dead skin on the lips by exfoliating and then moisturizing your lip will help the lipstick look flawless on your lips.

Here are Avon Lipsticks for Everyone with Avon Brochure 18 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, or tips, you can visit the main page. Also, you can follow us on Twitter and Youtube! Here you go!

Ways to Revive Sun-Damaged Hair

Time to check out ways to revive sun-damaged hair with Avon Campaign 18 2020! In the hot summer, reserve some of your care rack for hair products. Because after the beach pleasure, the hair worn from the sun and water becomes dry, dull, and tends to swell. We have compiled the most effective products that will increase the energy of your hair tired of your summer break and return it to its old form.

Avon Advance Techniques Heat Protection Spray

Providing effective care both on the beach and afterward, this product helps you shape your wet or dry hair and protects it against the harmful rays of the sun. It also restores your hair, which has lost its energy and dulled, to its old life.

Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum

If you want 360 degrees of protection for your hair, this product is one of the favorites. The product that protects hair against high heat with Moroccan Argan Oil also gives shine, prevents the hair ends from breaking, and softens the hair.

Grapefruit & Passionfruit Hair Treatment Mask

If you want to treat your hair tired with you at the end of a fun but tiring summer day, Avon’s hair care masks are entitled to enter our list with both their effectiveness and practicality. The grapefruit member of the mask family works all night to repair the damaged hair and allows you to wake up with healthy hair in the morning.

Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum

This serum, which carries hair with its special formula, feels like a medicine to mat and dry hair. This product, which provides the moisture required by the hair strands, provides an extra sparkling and attractive finish with the oils it contains.

Here are ways to revive sun-damaged hair with Avon Catalog 18 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, you can check out Avon C18 in detail. And, you should follow us on Twitter and Youtube and be the first who views the latest Avon Brochure!

How to Get a Permanent Tan

Here is how to get a permanent tan with Avon Campaign 17 2020! Would you like your preservatives, body oils, your perfect tan after hours spent under the sun to keep it fresh in autumn? We brought together 7 golden rules of long-lasting tan, which is a memory of summer.

Bronze Care

For a while, try extra-maintenance protective or tanning moisturizers that will support your tan instead of your classic body moisturizers. So you will shoot two birds with one stone. You should check Avon Catalog 17 2020 to see awesome moisturizers.

Energetic Tan

You will be surprised to have a tan like the first day, but peeling is a must. Try the dry brush technique, which will treat your skin more gently and leave an energetic, smooth brooch, instead of products that dry and give extreme results.

Goodbye Shower Gels

Avoid shower gels that will dry your skin. Moist skin is a must for a smooth tan. Make your bath routine tan-friendly with body cleansing oils and cold water.

Bronze Makeup

Your face is the first area of your body that attracts attention. With the help of a bronzer that you will blend to the areas of your face that meet the sun, give the impression that you have just returned from the holiday by bringing the effect of your summer glow to your makeup.

Light Colors

Even your choice of clothing is of great importance in your bronze effect. Create a more bronze skin illusion with light, warm, or brightly colored clothing that will contrast with your skin.

Luminous Oils

A little sparkle and a golden touch will accentuate your tan. The radiant body oils that you add to your body care routine both moisturize your skin and underline your skin color, giving it extra shine and vitality. You can find many face oils from Avon C17 2020.


Water is one of the biggest nutrients of the skin. Moist and healthy skin is your best help in protecting your tan. Drink plenty of water and impregnate the golden effect of your skin with the skin you care about and moisten.

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Tips for Choosing A Summer Perfume

Choosing the right perfume in summer is a very sensitive subject so we shared tips for choosing a summer perfume with Avon Campaign 17 2020. In warm weather, follow the right notes to find the fragrance that will both make you feel good and leave a clean and fresh trail behind you.

The notes of citrus that will refresh you

Bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit… Here are the strongest ingredients of an ideal summer perfume. With its fresh and fresh fragrances, it will make you feel good and fresh all day long and will make you be noticed by the people around you. Therefore, when choosing your summer perfume, your primary preference is to favor the citrus notes. In addition, you can enjoy the calm and romantic effect of fresh floral notes such as orange flower, rose, and peony.

Stay away from intense perfumes

Try to avoid woody notes like sandalwood, tobacco, oud, spices, and cedarwood as much as possible in the summer heat. Such intense ingredients will create an unpleasant feeling in hot weather with their sharp smells. Be sensitive about this so that people around you do not move away from you.

Apply to the right areas

Apply it to clean skin and clothes to smell your perfume and carry it on your skin in its most authentic form. The back of the ears, shoulders, elbows, and wrists are the best places to smell perfumes. By the way, never try to cover it with perfume when you sweat during the day. This will make the smell become heavier, creating an unpleasant effect.

Fragrances with Avon Catalog 17 2020;

Here are tips for choosing a summer perfume with Avon Brochure 17 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, you should check Avon C17 2020 in detail. Also, you can follow us on Twitter and Youtube and be the first who browses the latest Avon Catalog!

Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores

In this article, we will give you some tips about ways to get rid of large pores with Avon Campaign 17 2020! If your pores are the most common problems you have in your skin, there are some things you need to know. There are many reasons that cause enlarged pore formation. Your genetic structure comes first. In addition, excess oil, skin rash, and aging are among the factors affecting pore appearance.

Unfortunately, we cannot change our genetics. But we can do something to solve other causes! Some supplements can help you to correct your skin texture, which disturbs your eyes, even if the size of your pores isn’t too much.

How to Get Rid of Large Pores?

One of the first ways to reduce the pore appearance is to deeply cleanse your skin and purify it from dead cells. Skincare products with salicylic acid developed for pore cleansing purify dead cells, bacteria, and excess sebum, making your face look smoother. If you have a sensitive skin structure, you can turn to glycolic, lactic, or citric acid products instead of salicylic acid.

Pore firming products that draw attention with their light texture and strong formulas are available in cream, serum, tonic, or gel form. You can discover a pore formula for yourself with these products developed for different skin structures. These products, which eliminate pore reduction, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin, provide you with a more flawless complexion quickly and effectively. We recommend that you refer to these care products not only for the image but also for your skin health.

Skincare by Avon Catalog 17 2020;

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