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Get Your Lips Ready For Summer

Let’s see what you should do to get your lips ready for summer with Avon Campaign 14 2020! You prepared for the summer all spring. You are ready. So are your lips ready for summer? The most common cause of dry and chapped lips is dehydration. Having a bottle of water is the best measure to take, especially on summer days when fluid loss is highest! You can sweeten your water drinking experience with refreshing small fruit slices such as apples, pears, or fresh spices such as mint.

When was the last time you purified your lips? The lip skin has a much thinner structure than normal skin. Therefore, water retention is less. It dries quickly and needs moistening more often. Cleansing your lip skin from dead cells will help keep it more vibrant and moist. Just select the purifier that suits your skin type and taste!

For some reason, no matter what time of the year, whatever the weather, our lips can somehow dry up and crack. As soon as you do not pay special attention to them, you have cracked lips. That’s why you should apply nourishing and protective lip balms to them! You should try Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner from page 39 of Avon Catalog 14 2020!

Add Some Color!

Summer means more colors! You can add color to your beauty with Avon’s colorful creamy lipsticks. Whether you wear a light pink shade or a red like fire, having this irresistible lips is that easy!

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Avon Anew Cleansing Brush

In this article, we shared some information about Avon Anew Cleansing Brush from Avon Campaign 14 2020. With the unique features of Avon Anew Cleansing Brush, it will help your skin look more vibrant and bright and reduce wrinkles! This tool includes one brush head. Suitable for sensitive skin. Requires two AA Batteries. You can buy this at only $24.99. (Regularly $41) Let’s take a look at 3 modes of this tool and how to use it to achieve great results.


Instead of cleaning your skin with your hands every day, clean it with this sonic cleaning device and see the difference for yourself! You can use the foaming or milk cleaner you normally use with the brush head but do not use a cleaner with purifying particles. For detailed usage information, refer to the operating instructions received with the product.


After cleaning your skin, try the sonic cleanser, the silicone head. You can use it once or twice a week depending on the product you use. Just like sonic cleaning, you can use the sonic purifier with your normal foaming cleanser or cream cleaner, as long as there are no purifying particles in it. For detailed usage information, refer to the operating instructions received with the product.


You can use this system with sonic technology to apply your serum or moisturizer to your skin every day. But you can use it to get the tension on your face whenever you want, which is a step worth it.

Clearskin from Avon Catalog 14 2020;

Here is some information about Avon Anew Cleansing Brush with Avon Brochure 14 2020. If you want to see more deals, product reviews or catalogs, you can visit the main page. It is full of these! Also, you can follow us on Twitter or Youtube and be the first who checks the latest Avon Catalog! Here you go!

Avon True Nutra Effects Oil Cleanser

Our topic will be about Avon True Nutra Effects Oil Cleanser and its benefits with Avon Campaign 14 2020! If your skin is oily, it is possible to get lost in skincare products to find a cleaning routine that suits your needs. However, oil cleansing is actually one of the most effective cleaning methods to achieve flawless skin. Find out why the oil cleansing trend, the chief crown of the Korean skincare routine, is shaking the world.

Cleansing oils dissolve and purify solidified oil particles such as sebum, residues, dirt, and makeup on the skin. Oil cleansing is more sensitive than other face wash or cleansing products that contain hard ingredients and protects and cleanses the skin’s natural oils.

Why should I add a Nutra Effects Oil Cleanser to my cleaning routine?

People who have oily skin dry their skin because they often miss the cleansing. This causes the situation to get worse because your skin will dry out. It will produce more oil. With oil cleansing, you can effectively clean your skin without the negative effects of harsh cleansers.

Both facial cleanser and makeup remover – both in one!

Nothing is as frustrating as coming home at night. Especially if all you want is to get to your bed as soon as possible… Oil removal makes this process easier and is much more effective than traditional makeup removers. This is an important thing because the make-up that is removed half-sided can cause clogged pores and pimples.

If you use the right oil, you will not only dissolve oil-based residues effectively, but you will save your skin from the residue with more moisturizing, more nutritious oils that replace them. Our NovAge Facial Cleansing Oil, which has been specially developed with Primrose Oil, has been specially designed to purify the skin from residues by showing a nourishing effect on all skin types. The best part? This product which glides like oil turns into a milky lotion that can be easily and quickly rinsed on your skin.

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Makeup Foundation Guide

If you still haven’t found the right foundation for your skin, this makeup foundation guide is ready to help with Avon Campaign 14 2020! Be sure to check out our guide to choose the one that best suits your skin type and color and to make sure you apply your foundation correctly! Before you buy a foundation, you need to know your skin type. Because this is the most important factor affecting the permanence and posture of the foundation on your skin.

Oily skin

Oily skin needs a mattifying foundation. Offering medium to high coverage, these foundations control the shine and moisturize the areas needed.

Dry skin

A moisturizing and light coverage foundation is suitable for dry skin. You will get a better result if you gently purify the skin to smooth the flaky areas before applying the liquid foundation.

Normal Skin

If you are lucky enough to have normal skin, you are free to choose what you want for the coverage of the foundation! For example, you can use lightly structured BB or CC creams and apply serum under it for a bright and moist appearance.

Mature Skin

Heavily textured or powder-based products fill fine lines and accentuate the appearance of wrinkles. To do this, use a foundation that is aimed at the signs of aging and has a light coverage, enriched with antioxidants. Avon Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer can also be among your options. View Avon Catalog 14 2020 for these useful products!

Tips to apply your foundation correctly

Apply foundation on well-moistened skin. If the moisturizer you use does not contain SPF, that is, sun protection, apply sunscreen before the foundation. However, you should wait for your skin to absorb the moisturizer. If you are going to apply the foundation with your fingers, press the product against the skin with your fingers rather than rubbing it. If you prefer to apply with a sponge, distribute the foundation thoroughly on the skin. When you apply it using a brush, apply it with small circular strokes, make sure that there are no brush marks.

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Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Today’s topic is about makeup mistakes that make you look older with Avon Catalog 14 2020! The way you apply makeup can make you look older or younger than you are. We’ve compiled for you makeup mistakes that make you look older than you are. You should read this article and try not to make the specified mistakes!

People who are dissatisfied with their age often try to imitate their appearance 10 years ago, but this only makes them look older! Instead of trying to make yourself look younger with makeup, try to maximize your beauty. Avoid historical techniques such as thick lip liner or dark black eyeliner application under the eyes. Because all of this will make your face look older.

Using the wrong foundation

As the skin ages, it needs lightly textured and moisturizing effects. Because heavy foundations can mold thin lines and cause an unwanted appearance. Therefore, using heavy foundations that fill wrinkles and make them appear more does not give good results. Instead, you can choose foundations that give you a younger look. There are many forms of foundation on Avon Campaign 14 2020. Check out.

Wrong blush

Choosing the right blush gives your skin a fresh and vibrant look while choosing the wrong blush won’t give good results. Peach-toned blushes make your cheeks stand out and add warmth. In addition, the blushes of these shades give the skin a natural glow and offer a younger look.

Due to its luminous eye shadow texture, it can make fine lines and wrinkles clearer and make them appear more. Luminous headlights add sparkle when you’re young, but unfortunately the same is not the case with age! That’s why you can use headlights that offer a satin or matte finish.

Do not overdo your makeup. You don’t need more than a good quality mascara, moisturizing foundation, peach-toned blush, and a natural look lipstick for a beautiful, natural, and fresh look! Forget the heavy makeup that is applied in layers; it means less and more as the age gets older.

Here are some makeup mistakes that make you look older with products of Avon Brochure 14 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, or useful tips, you can visit the main page! Also, you should follow us on Twitter and Youtube and be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog! Here you go!