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Eye Makeup Tips And Avon Products

In this article, you will see some eye makeup tips and Avon Products from Avon Campaign 3 2020! As always, great deals on many products have been offered to you! Products from many categories are available in this catalog! Personal care products, makeup products, fragrance, and many products can be browsable here! Therefore, you should browse all pages of Avon Brochure 3 2020 and find your essentials.

Undereye makeup

One of the types of No Makeup Makeup is the custody make-up, which was a trend in the 90s. This type of makeup will be the choice of women who like to live comfortably and who do not want to refresh their make-up frequently. Women know that it takes effort and time to erase makeup as well. Those who do this makeup will not have such a problem. So let’s browse these products we choose!

Products From Avon Catalog 3 2020;

Colorful accessories on the eyelid

By 2020, accessories will become a natural material for makeup. One of the most important of these accessories applies to the eye shadow. In 2020, the headlights will be used in various colors with glittering accessories. Especially when there is not much makeup on the face, such a makeup will be more glittering. When the glittering eye shadow is combined with a neutral face, all focus will shift to the eyes. Experts recommend using this style of makeup with plenty of clothes.

Here are Eye Makeup Tips And Avon Products from Avon Brochure January 2020. If you want to see more products, deals or makeup tips, you can visit the main page! And follow us on Facebook! For a preview catalogs, you should visit the main page! So here you go!

The Best Beauty Products For a Skiing Holiday

Today’s topic is about the best beauty products for a skiing holiday with Avon Campaign 3 2020. As you choose your products according to the situation when going on holiday in summer, you should do so the same in winter. Snow breaks require you to take some products with you. Like sunscreen creams. Because UVA / UVB rays from the sun hit high places and these harmful rays are reflected directly from the snow and reach our skin. So harmful ultraviolet rays are not only a threat to our skin in summer but also in winter. How we tan in summer, that’s why we get tan on snow breaks. So sunscreen should be fixtures of our makeup bag in a ski.

Products From Avon Catalog 3 2020;

You should drive SPF50 at noon and continue sun protection with SPF30 at noon. Also, even if you are wearing gloves, your hands will need protection when you take off your gloves during the day because the skin of the hand is very sensitive and is highly affected by adverse conditions. See this from Avon Brochure 3 2020.

Stick foundation / Avon Magix Wand Foundation Stick: Stick foundation for broad-spectrum protection against UV rays. It provides a moist and shiny finish on the skin with its creamy texture. It spreads evenly over the skin. Ideal for touch-ups.

Special protection for lips / Avon Beyond Color Lipstick from Avon Brochure January 2020: Sunscreen cream developed especially for the delicate lip area of ​​the body with unique sensitivity. It provides intense nourishing properties against strong UVA / UVB rays. Protects lips & repairs damage Use it alone or apply lipstick on it.

Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer SPF30: This colorful moisturizer gives the skin a healthy color and bright appearance. Moisturizes skin beautifully If it is rough, closes. The slim and lightweight structure makes you look well-groomed. It also contains spf30, which reduces the appearance of blemishes on the skin within 4 weeks and protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

Here are products for a skiing holiday. Fore more Avon products, makeup tips, and deals visit the main page and follow us on Facebook! Also, check out Avon Campaign 4 2020 and Campaign 5 2020.

Avon True Color Flawless Mattifying Pressed Powder

Today’s topic is about Avon True Color Flawless Mattifying Pressed Powder from Avon Campaign 3 2020. You will love this powder with 10 different colors! When you buy this product, you will get another HALF PRICE! Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this deal! If you want to get the best with the lowest prices, you should browse all pages of Avon Brochure 3 2020. Let’s take a look at this and enjoy saving your money! Here you go! By the way, we choose some products from this Avon Catalog.

Another product in Avon’s brand new skin series is the Avon True Color Flawless Mattifying Pressed Powder. The colorless compacted powder finish, which eliminates shine on the skin and reduces the appearance of pores, is matte and sweat resistant. The powder, which reduces the shiny appearance of the skin, also gives a filter effect that reduces the appearance of pores and smoothes the skin. Suitable for all skin types and can be refreshed throughout the day, especially in the T area is ideal for mixed skin with lubrication problems. The transparent powder, which can be used both alone and on the makeup, does not leave white marks on the skin.

Products & Prices From Avon Brochure January 2020;

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Practical Contour Makeup

Today’s topic is about Practical Contour Makeup with Avon Campaign 3 2020. Distinctive facial features are essential in a night makeup. So you need to make a contour application quickly! Apply the dark side of the Maybelline New York Master Contour Stick by drawing a line directly on the face, or with a brush, apply it by coming in from the lower part of the cheekbones, the decision is yours. You can choose to apply with a brush because it is more enjoyable. Don’t forget to apply lightly to the edges and ends of the bone on the nose after applying to the cheekbones.

When it comes to highlighter and blush application, you can find the products you are looking for in this catalog. Apply light Avon Blush to the upper side of the cheekbones, the top of her nose and lips. Make the application to the high points of the face that becomes apparent when you laugh. Inspired by this article for night makeup you can quickly prepare for the party!

Products We Choose From Avon Campaign January 2020;

When you buy 1 product from pages 70 to 77 of Avon Brochure 3 2020, you will get one at HALF PRICE! If you need some of them, you shouldn’t miss these reasonable prices! Let’s check this Avon Catalog and find your essentials.

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How to Do an Ombre Lip Makeup?

Today’s topic is about ombre lip makeup with Avon Campaign 2 2020! How about learning all the details of the ombre lip makeup that has occupied a colorful place in our lives for a while? Lip makeup is one of the most important points of makeup with eyes. If you are going to a special place or if you are looking for an unusual touch on your makeup, the ombre lip makeup always comes to your rescue. Don’t worry, this lip look is really simple, if you’re ready, I’ll explain step by step how you can do your ombre lip makeup!

Step 1: Dark color

With two different shades of lip liner and lipstick, you can get a great ombre look, but how? Start by framing your lips with a burgundy pencil. Avon True Color Glimmerticks Lip Liner may be your choice as a lip liner. Start framing from the lip edges with these permanent and easy to apply lip pencils. Take a look at Avon Brochure 2 2020 for this lip liner.

For an ombre look to the inside, apply a burgundy lipstick of the same color as the lip liner to the inside of your lips. Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick gives a matte look without drying your lips. Thanks to its soft structure, these lipsticks are easier to mix with each other, making them ideal. Leave them blank because I will give the middle parts a red color. So let’s see Avon Catalog 2 2020 for this lipstick.

Step 2: Light color

Now we have come to practice light color. You should apply this color to the inside of your lips, but paint the middle part of my lips with your lip liner to make the appearance permanent. After applying the red color of the same lip liner, go over it with red lipstick. The main key point in the ombre look is to achieve a smooth transition by gently blending the two colors together. After applying both colors, gently rub the lips together to achieve this transition.

Avon True Power Stay 16 Hour Touch the red color of Lip Color very gently in the middle of your lips, then spread it with your fingers. If you want to increase the dimensional appearance, you can apply it gradually. Therefore, see Avon Brochure January 2020 for this product!

Here is ombre lip makeup. if you want to see more Avon products, you can visit the main page and follow us on Facebook! Here you go!