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How Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

How about putting your make-up drawer in the scope of hygiene during your time at home? As a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share this article for you these days when we stay at home. Your makeup applicators maybe your innocent-looking enemy. Who knows, these helpers who tend to accumulate bacteria on them are perhaps the source of acne that suddenly appears on your face. For a more hygienic makeup routine and a more efficient application, you should disinfect your makeup brushes at least once a week according to the frequency of use. We researched the tricks of brush cleaning for you. Also, you can check out the cleansing products of Avon from Avon Campaign 9 2020!

How is it washed?

When washing your brush, take care of your hair as it is. The sensitive and especially handmade brushes require extra attention. To do this, start with a shampoo formulated to wash brushes. If you do not have a brush shampoo, you can also use natural hair shampoos without heavy chemicals. If you have a very dirty brush where dense products such as foundation accumulate, you can get help from a dishwashing detergent as long as it contains natural ingredients.

How to Purify

At the root of the bristles is the adhesive that fixes them. Therefore, you should be careful not to get any cleaner and water to this part. Dip the tip of the brush into the water and shampoo solution that you mix in a glass. Apply the applicator in a circular motion on the palm of your hand or on the brush cleaning mat, if any. This step will easily remove makeup residue that accumulates between the bristles.

How to Dry?

Show the same sensitivity when rinsing your brush. Rinse the brush thoroughly, taking care not to get water to the roots. You can continue the circular application for faster and more effective cleaning. After rinsing the brush, remove excess water with a disposable tissue paper. At this stage, it is best to dry the applicator upside down. If you have a brush strap, you’re in luck! If not, order your brushes horizontally. After drying, you can use brush protective nets to restore their shape and keep their forms from touching.

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10 Ways to Look Beautiful

Time to check out 10 Ways to Look Beautiful with products of Avon Campaign 9 2020! You should check this Avon Catalog and get the best at the lowest prices! Of course, the first condition to look beautiful is to take care of yourself, that is, to do some routine habits regularly. In this article, you can look at how beautiful and well-groomed in 10 steps. First of all, you should clean your skin twice a day, morning and evening regularly. If you are looking for cleansing products, check out Avon Brochure 9 2020!

Secondly, you should apply moisturizer regardless of your skin type. The third step is to always have well-groomed nails. If you are extending your nails, you should definitely clean them regularly, but manicure your nails at least once a week. Massage your nails with moisturizer or petroleum jelly that you put on your face after a manicure. So you will have quite healthy nails.

Smooth Moves Anti-Cellulite Cooling Gel

The fourth condition of looking beautiful is to rub your legs thoroughly while bathing so that your blood flow will speed up and you will have a more active and cellulite-free leg. As the fifth way to look beautiful; you should brush your teeth regularly, remember that laughing is very important to look beautiful, laughing with yellow teeth and a dirty mouth is not nice, right? Sixthly; you should care for your hair regularly, the shiny and full hair will always make you look beautiful, and at the same time, it is useful to remove your hair from the ends once a month so that you look more well-groomed.

Seventh; always wear clothes that are clean and match your body type, for example, if you are short, you can choose high waist pants so your leg length will look longer and you will be more remarkable. In the eighth step; Make sure to color your face with makeup a little, so do not visit zero makeup, instead, you can be more attractive by doing light makeup in natural tones. The ninth way to look beautiful is; walk regularly for up to 45 minutes every day, walking makes your body look more beautiful and shaped. The tenth way to look beautiful is; always be smiling, being friendly will always make you look more attractive.

Here are 10 Ways to Look Beautiful with Avon Campaign April 2020. For more Avon Products and deals, you can visit the main page! Also, follow us on Facebook!

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast

In this article, you will see some tips about How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast with Avon Campaign 9 2020! Dandruff may have made you an enemy of your hair recently. It may also be annoying in a response that may come from the environment. Do you want to get rid of this situation as soon as possible? Then, first of all, you need to know the steps necessary to avoid this problem at all. In addition, it is possible for you to eliminate it by reducing it in a natural way.

You should wash your hair at least 5 times a week to prevent your dead scalp causing dandruff formation. You should be gentle with your scalp while washing, and also be careful about how far the shampoo you use is from harmful ingredients. Avoid jelly and styling materials, and you shouldn’t get your hair in contact with materials like chemicals. These issues are situations that prevent dandruff formation and reduce dandruff if any.

Try Avon Advance Techniques Series!

If you are having dandruff problems, we will share some details that will help you to purify it naturally. First of all, you need to use a good brand of dandruff shampoo in the range of about 2-4 months for a definitive solution. While applying dandruff shampoo, the most common method is to pour some salt before showering and massage your scalp in this way. This is an action to finish dandruff. If you are looking for a good shampoo, you should focus on Avon Catalog 9 2020!

Since your scalp is worn and the dead sides are falling, your massage with salt will speed up the regrowth and regeneration of the dead skin. Then you need to rinse your hair very well by washing it well with shampoo. Another commonly used method is to massage your scalp with olive oil or coconut oil. These two natural oils, which have a nourishing skin, should remain in your hair for approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Afterward, it should be rinsed well and the normal shampooing process should be started.

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Is Sunscreen Used Only in Summer?

Today’s topic is about sunscreen with Avon Campaign 9 2020. You had a nice summer vacation and it’s over. You may be about to put aside sunscreens, but after reading this article, I think their decision will change. Therefore, I want to share my ideas with you. Those who go on a ski holiday definitely corresponded to the people who get angry and wear glasses during skiing. As such, the issue of sun protection is not only an issue that comes to the fore in summer. There is no need to go on a ski vacation to protect from the sun in winter, especially to protect the sun-exposed areas such as hands and face is important for your health.

Sunscreen Products From Avon Campaign April 2020!

If we come to the question of why we should use sunscreen in all seasons, especially in the summer months, it may have negative consequences when harmful sun rays come into contact with unprotected skin. And so it is necessary to use sunscreen in the winter. Do not forget to pay attention to the suitability for the skin type and SPF, that is, the sun protection factor while taking sunscreens. If I suggest you protect your body from the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun, Avon Sun + Sunscreen Face Lotion Broad Spectrum is a sun cream you can use safely. If you do not like cream-shaped sunscreens, I would recommend using Avon Sun Protection CLEAR SPRAY SUNSCREEN from Avon Catalog 9 2020. if you say that it makes a mark on my bikini and I am not too sensitive. It also moisturizes the skin.

It is important for you to protect your face from the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun. So I will have a suggestion for it. Avon Sun + Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 40 not only provides effective sun protection but is also anti-glare and provides a matte look to your face. Do not neglect to protect yourself!

Here is sunscreen with Avon! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals or tips, you should visit the main page! Also, follow us on Facebook! Here you go!

Winter Foot Care Tips

Today’s topic is about Winter Foot Care Tips with Avon Campaign 8 2020! Do not neglect the care of your feet in the winter months. It is hard to see our feet naked when the winter season comes and the weather gets cold. If he stays in the shoes and boots, until the evening, he always experiences stuffiness and sweating. This can cause our feet to have problems. It starts to become odor in the foot as well as itching appears. But how should we care for our feet in winter?

First of all, we should be careful not to tire our feet too much. Do you always work in a standing position? When you have the opportunity, try to sit down and rest your feet for a short time. Pay attention to the suitability of your shoes for your health. Be careful not to wear shoes of the type that will tire you (for example, high-heeled shoes will cause waist and back pain over time, shoes that wring your feet will cause your foot shape to deteriorate and become more stuffy. Your shoes should be ventilated to prevent foot odor.

Take care to wash your feet after removing the shoes every day. In fact, leave your feet in warm or hot water for 10-15 minutes to make them listen, you will feel that you are resting. You can add special scents to this water where you wash your feet, it will be more impressive. In each bathroom, try to rub so that your dead skin disappears. This will prevent cracks from forming. Be careful not to wear the same socks every day. Stay away from nylon or socks that will sweat your feet. After washing your feet, definitely supplement with creams. Relax by massaging with moisturizing foot care creams. Many nerves on the soles of your feet will be stimulated and will help you relax. After doing this care, you can sleep well by wearing a cotton sock.

Your well-groomed and beautiful feet will make you happy when you get up in the morning. There are more products on Avon Catalog 8 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, you can follow us on Facebook! So here you go!