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Deep Clean Your Face

Deep Clean Your Face with products of Avon Campaign 14 2020! Nothing is more beautiful than sleeping with make-up and a dirt-free skin! Most of you probably cleanse your face by hand, but we can tell you that there are much more effective ways of thorough cleansing.

Facial cleansing systems help purify the skin from dirt and makeup; They are great systems with effective brushes or sponges. Micro-dirt caused by environmental pollution can damage your skin and penetrate your skin barrier, especially if you live in a big city; It can cause inflammation, hyperpigmentation, or premature aging of your skin. Washing your face by hand provides a superficial cleansing. Cleaning systems, on the other hand, reach every dirt in your pores and help to clean and purify deeply.

Which facial cleansing system should I choose?

The best thing about facial cleansing systems; This is an option for every skin type or need. However, if you want a clear answer, there are three ways to cleanse and purify your face!

Brushed Cleansing System: Brushed cleansing systems that help you to have a cleaner, refreshed and renewed skin will remove it from makeup residues, dirt, and excess oil without damaging your skin. It prepares your skin for care. Cleansing Brush is waiting for you to be discovered on page 36 of Avon Catalog 14 2020! Let’s check it out!

Cleaning System with Silicon Purifying Head: Developed for a smoother and renewed skin appearance, these systems made of soft silicon cleans your skin from dead skin cells and visibly open clogged pores.

Cleaning System with Metal Massage Head: This metal massage head, made of stainless steel and specially designed to increase blood circulation, helps to give your skin a firmer look and feel. Avon Eclat D’or Youth Activating Massager is on sale! You can check it out from page 33 of Avon Brochure 14 2020!

By choosing face cleaning systems that offer all these wonderful systems together, you can easily reach the effective results we mentioned in our article! So here is Deep Clean Your Face with Avon C14! If you want to see more products, deals, and tips, you can visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Twitter & Youtube!

Skincare Guide For A Beginner

Time to check out the skincare guide for a beginner with Avon Campaign 13 2020! If you think I don’t know where and how to start skincare, this guide will be very useful for you. Does your skin look quite young even if you are older? This does not mean that you do not need to use skincare products. The earlier you start using anti-aging skincare products, the better and healthier your skin will look.

To move your skin beyond cleansing and moisturizing, you must first know your skin well. It is very important to read the labels of the products well, listen to the experts in this field, and do some experiments on your skin until you set your skincare routine. Thus, you will get to know your skin better and find out which products you should use. For example, if you have dry skin, you will realize that you should choose a cleanser, moisturizer, or booster with intense moisturizing properties.

Many skincare routines contain active ingredients that offer different benefits to the skin, both day and night. Therefore, applying the routine only once a day means that you cannot benefit from all the benefits of the products. When you apply the routine twice a day in multiple steps, you will see the difference and your skin will thank you.

Remove the masks, show your beauty!

Masks are the perfect complement to the skincare routine. You can use Avon Facial Masks, which smoothen, strengthen, renew, and provide the exact needs of your skin, by using one of the Avon Facial Masks twice a week for 4 weeks. You can check out Avon Catalog 13 2020!

In addition to the products you use in routine, using products such as skincare base or line and pore smoothing will also benefit your skin. For example, Avon Skin Care is enriched with probiotics, the content of which is clinically confirmed to reduce the size, volume and number of pores, and is a great source of moisture for your skin.

There is no winter for protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Even if the weather is cloudy, UV rays can damage your skin. For this reason, we recommend you to protect your skin from the sun, which is about four seasons every day, by choosing products with SPF.

Here is a skincare guide for a beginner with Avon Brochure 13 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, tips or deals, you can visit the main page! Also, follow us on Twitter and Youtube!

The Best Makeup For Your Hair Color

Just as we make up for our clothes, it is so important to makeup for your hair color. You can look much more natural and plain by applying makeup for your hair color. Our hair is like the frame of our character and our face. We cannot give up the colors we usually get used to in makeup, but when we change our hair color, we think about what makeup we should do. But do not forget that by applying makeup suitable for your hair, you will put not only your face but also your perfect hair. Let’s talk about how we should make up for hair color with products of Avon Campaign 13 2020!

Brown Hair;

In your eye makeup, coffee, beige, and bronze colors will make you look very beautiful. You can choose natural colors earth tones or nut colors on the lips. In the foundation, you can use light brownish tones. Finally, in the blush selection, bronze and peach shades will suit you very well. If you want to good blush, you should browse Avon Catalog 13 2020!

Red Hair;

Eyes in black and green tones will make you look pretty beautiful. When choosing a foundation, you can choose one or two light colors from your skin. In the selection of lipstick, red and powder shades can open you. When choosing blush, you can choose pink shades.

Blonde Hair;

In eye makeup, pink shades will suit you very well, however, you can enliven your makeup with blue and dark blue eye pencils. Light pinks, fuchsia, and red tones will suit you well in the selection of lipstick. You can choose light tones suitable for your skin in the foundation. You can also choose peach, pink, and bronze shades when choosing blush.

Black Hair;

Grays and blacks will suit you well in your eye makeup. Using one or two light colors from your skin color will make your hair color more prominent. You can choose red shades like lipstick. You should check out awesome lipsticks from Avon Brochure 13 2020! As for the blush selection; Natural tile shades that will accentuate the cheekbones will suit you quite well. Always stay beautiful, goodbye.

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Summer Skincare Guide

Your skincare routine needs to be renewed with the hot climate that comes in the summer season so we share summer skincare guide with Avon Campaign 13 2020. We have gathered the summer skincare guide for you in 7 steps for products that need to be changed, the steps you need to consider, and the applications you need to pay more attention to!

Lightweight Formulas

Intensive products of the winter season and cold climate should be replaced by lighter formulas in the new season. Use gel-based creams, masks, foam cleansers, and products that do not weigh the skin for short, tired skin.

Sun Shield

To use sunscreen, don’t wait summer months. However, in this period when sun rays are more effective, you need to strengthen your skin shield even more. Get a broad-spectrum preservative for hot summer and refresh the application frequently throughout the day. You can find effective sunscreen from Avon C13! Let’s check it out in detail!

Purifying Step

With increasing humidity and sweat, the pores are more prone to clogging in the summer months. Therefore, a purifying care step must be in your routine. You can use grained or peels and silk facial bladders to get rid of dead skin and dirt that prevents the skin from breathing. You can try Avon Anew Gold Peel-Off Mask for this. Moreover, it is on sale now! For more details, you can check out on page 24 of Avon Catalog 13 2020!

Getting Rid of Edema

As the temperature of the thermometer increases, the body can hold more edema. Therefore, besides the details you will pay attention to in your diet, you can get help from detox-effective products and massage tools for the face and body that speed up blood circulation. Avon Eclat D’or Youth Activating Massager helps stimulate circulation and promote the absorption of serums and moisturizers! You can find more details about it from page 30 of Avon Brochure 13 2020!

Fresh Effect

In the hot summer, add a freshly effective step to your care routine to help your skin rejuvenate, energize it, and cool yourself a little too. Products such as a care mist, cool masks, natural stone massagers that you will keep in the fridge can be a pleasant surprise on sweltering days.

Against Stains

The formation of spots on the skin may increase with intense sun rays. If you have sensitive skin and often complain about the problem of blemishes, do not forget to get support from brightening products besides your sunscreen.

Smooth Skin

Along with the summer season, body care becomes more important. Prepare your skin for combinations of warm climate with processes such as dry brushing, body peeling, or pouch.

Here is the Summer Skincare Guide with Avon Brochure June 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, or tips, you can visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Twitter and Youtube to be the first who view the latest Avon Catalog!

5 Makeup Tricks to Disguise Tired Eyes

Time to discover 5 Makeup Tricks to Disguise Tired Eyes with Avon Campaign 13 2020! You can save the moment and have a more energetic, rested look with a few beauty moves when you can not get enough sleep. Discover 5 makeup tricks that will give an 8-hour sleep effect in a short way.

Color Balancing

Less sleep and fatigue mean dark and puffy under-eyes. Brighten the problem area with a pink or peach undertone concealer to even out this look. If you are looking for a good concealer, you should focus on Avon Catalog 13 2020! Cashmere Complexion Longwear Concealer is on sale! You can get this at only $14.99!

Luminous Base

Make-up bases that give radiant effect to the savior of your dull and lifeless skin. Get instantly healthier and energetic skin with formulas to add a bronze reflection to the skin and hide imperfections

Focus on Eye Fountains

This method is recommended by many celebrities, including in Beyoncé. Whenever you want to revive your eyes, apply a sparkling eyeshadow, or highlighter to your eye springs.

Eyelash Effect

Even if you are not aware of it, low lashes also reduce the gaze and give a more tired look. At this point, you will not believe the effect of a good eyelash curler.

Fresh Colors

Pink blushers are both a rising trend of the season and a bad day saver. The cream blush that will be applied to the cheekbones and a little above your nose will give a fresh and young impression as if you have just returned from the morning run.

Here are Makeup Tricks to Disguise Tired Eyes with products from Avon Brochure 13 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, and tips, you can visit the main page! Also, you should follow us on Twitter or Youtube and be the first who view the latest Avon Catalog!