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How to Properly Wash Makeup Brushes

Today’s topic is about How to Properly Wash Makeup Brushes with Avon Campaign 25 2020! We need to give the importance we attach to makeup and our skin to makeup brushes and treatments. If not cleaned, these products will become full bacterial homes and damage our skin. Also, check out Avon Catalog 25 2020 in detail and get your favorite Avon Products at the lowest prices!

Makeup brush cleaning is very important for your skin health. Unless it is cleaned, residual makeup product residues cause bacteria and dust. This can cause skin problems such as acne and pore increase on your skin.

In addition, the makeup brushes we invested in and purchased can be used for years if they are well cared for. As you can see, brush cleaning is very important both to protect your skin and to extend the life of your brushes. So, what steps should you take while cleaning our makeup brushes?

First, there is a good method of cleaning makeup brushes: Deep cleansing!

Deep Cleaning

First, mix some warm water with baby shampoo, facial cleansing gel, or antibacterial liquid soap in a plastic or glass bowl. Although it is stated that you can use it in many sources that need to be considered here, you should not use dish soap. These types of products can damage both your brush and your skin. For this reason, it would be much more correct to use antibacterial cleaning products or baby shampoo.

Dip your brushes in this mixture so that only the tip touches. Foam in your hand until it is free of make-up residue without damaging the shape of the brush. At this stage, instead of foaming in your hand, you can choose a brush cleaning mat or glove available in many brands in the market.

Rinse the foaming and makeup residue brush under warm water and rinse. It is important to keep the brushes upside down while washing at this stage. Holding it in the opposite direction can cause the shape of the brushes to deteriorate, and the material on the handle can be deformed with water and soap. Water contact to the handle part reduces the effect of the adhesive that holds the brush and causes your brush to wear out prematurely and reduce its life.

So here is how to properly wash makeup brushes with Avon Brochure 25 2020! For more deals, beauty tips, and products, visit the home page. Also, follow us on Youtube and check the latest Avon Catalog in the US before anyone else!

Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume

Looking beautiful and smelling good are complementary factors in attractiveness so we shared a guide to choosing the right perfume with Avon Catalog 25 2020. At this point, it is very important that we choose the perfume correctly. The fact that the perfume we choose is suitable for both our stance and the chemistry of your skin will maximize its effect.

How to Choose the Right Perfume

We need to observe many different criteria in choosing the right perfume. Even if you use the same perfume with someone with similar body features, the effect it leaves on you will be much different. This is all about the harmony of your perfume with your skin. The chemistry of your body is one of the most important factors affecting your harmony with your perfume.

To briefly touch on what you need to pay attention to before choosing a perfume;

Get to know yourself well, choose the fragrance you believe will reflect you best.

Do not forget to consider the seasons when choosing a perfume. While fresh scents are ideal in summer, you should include woody and spicy scents in winter.

Did you know that your skin color affects your harmony with your perfume? If you are a light skin person, woody and vanilla scents will be suitable for you. If you have a dark skin color, spicy scents are more ideal for you.

Your age range is also one of the factors affecting the harmony between you and your perfume. We recommend that you prefer sugary scents in their early 20s and floral scents if they are in their 30s. If you are over middle age, woody and oriental scents are just for you!

Do not experiment on your body frequently while taking perfume. This may make you feel like all scents are the same when choosing a perfume. Because the olfactory nerves in your nose go numb.

When choosing your product, consider the perfume notes. Do not forget that the scent you will carry on your skin is not what you feel when you first spray it, but the smell that emerges over time.

Popular Fragrances from Avon Catalog 25 2020;

Here is a guide to choosing the right perfume with Avon Brochure 25 2020! For more Avon Products, deals, and catalogs, browse the main page. Also, follow us on Youtube and check the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

Protect Your Skin From Winter Cold

In this article, you will see some tips to protect your skin from winter cold with products of Avon Campaign 24 2020. As we change many of our habits during the winter months, we need to make small changes in our skincare habits. For this, we will mention a few points that we need to pay attention to and change our habits. So let’s take a look at the article we prepared for you.

Drink plenty of water

We all know the importance of drinking water very well and the first step to beautiful skin is to drink plenty of water. One of the biggest benefits of drinking water is that it moisturizes our skin as it has many benefits. Dehydrated skin gets dry and looks bad. In addition, another benefit of drinking water to the skin is to reduce wrinkles because dry skin causes the lines on the skin to appear much deeper.

Protect Your Skin From Winter Cold With Moisturizing Creams

It may be necessary to use moisturizing supplements for your skin that gets extra dry due to the cold weather in winter. The most accessible and easiest of these are moisturizing creams. Especially after showering, you should moisturize your whole body with a good body moisturizer. In addition, lips are one of the areas that dry the most in winter.

Also, you can use lip moisturizers and lip balms with intense moisturizing properties to moisturize your lips. If your lips dry and get a bad appearance, you can get rid of the dead skin on your lips with sugar peeling that you can easily prepare at home. There are many moisturizers and peeling products on Avon C24 2020. Let’s take a look at this in detail!

Skincare from Avon Catalog 24 2020;

Let’s look at useful tricks to protect your skin from winter cold with Avon Brochure 24 2020! There are many Avon Products, deals, and beauty tricks on the home page. Let’s take a look at this page and discover them. Also, follow us on Youtube and check out the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

Natural Makeup Look is to awaken the feeling that there is no make-up on the face so we shared some tips and Avon Campaign 24 2020. If you want to have natural and smooth skin as if there is no make-up on your face, follow our article. So you will highlight your own natural beauty with this make-up.

Let’s look at the secrets of natural-looking natural make-up, which has been very fashionable in recent years.

In the first stage, you should first choose your foundation. This foundation should be a foundation that will not cover the natural tone of your skin but will bring it to the fore, but if there are problems such as acne, acne spots, or redness on your face, it should be in a way to cover them. You should choose the foundation in your natural skin tone and give the feeling that it does not exist. To shade your face, you should choose the darkest two tones of the foundation you choose in your natural skin tone. Apply lightly to the edges of the nose, above the eyebrows, and to the cheekbones.

If you need an illuminator for your lips and under your eyes, do it before foundation. Fix your make-up with a powder that is close to your skin tone. But do not apply to your chin, nose, and forehead. Apply blush to your cheekbones, which are natural as if your cheeks are reddened in light pink or light peach tones.

If you apply a layer of mascara, it will look more natural. Use your eyelash curler before the mascara. Your eyebrows should not be too thin. The thicker eyebrows look more natural. See Avon C24 2020 for eyebrow products of Avon!

When choosing a lipstick color for your lips, you should choose a lipstick close to your lip color or 1-2 tone darker. These are the answers to the question of how to make natural makeup. With this make-up, you will look both natural and very stylish without much difficulty.

Popular Products from Avon Catalog 24 2020;

Here is Natural Makeup Look Tutorial with Avon Brochure 24 2020. For more Avon Products and deals, check out the main page. Also, follow us on Youtube and check the latest Avon Catalog in the US before anyone else!

Care Tips for Dry and Sensitive Skin

See care tips for dry and sensitive skin with Avon Campaign 24 2020! Do not let your skin, which is sensitive to external factors and dry whatever you do, overshadow your beauty. Give your skin its former health with effective and gentle care at home.

Environmental factors such as sun rays, cold and dirty air can cause the skin to dry and become sensitive. It is necessary to apply effective care to prevent the rapid aging of the skin, to show the make-up flawlessly, and to restore the old health of the skin.

Especially for dry, sensitive, and damaged skin, it is important to apply natural care suitable for the skin structure. Symptoms such as redness, itching, irritation, rash, and scaling are frequently observed in sensitive skin. Skin that does not balance moisture and flakes is defined as dry skin. Wrinkle formation on dry skin began to be seen at an early age. By applying sensitive care for both skin types, you can get rid of your complaints and attain bright, moisturized, healthy skin.

When choosing skincare products;

If you have dry and sensitive skin, we recommend that you do not use perfumed or alcohol-containing products. Because your skin may be sensitive to perfumes. Instead of skincare products that reveal the sensitivity of your skin and contain fragrances, you can choose water-based or organic skincare products. You can find products that will be good for your skin and provide both anti-wrinkle and moisture balance on Avon Catalog 24 2020.

Just because you have dry skin doesn’t mean you should use a highly oily moisturizing cream. After each cleaning, you should moisturize your skin and maintain its moisture balance and use a moisturizer that will not irritate your skin. In addition, you can maintain the moisture balance of your skin by drinking plenty of water, consuming vegetables and fruits, and consuming foods rich in vitamins C and E.

Vitamin C from Avon C24 2020;

Here are care tips for dry and sensitive skin with Avon Brochure 24 2020. You can find your skincare products that will be good for your skin and healthy and natural products such as coconut oil for skincare treatments you will apply at home. Also, you can see more deals, Avon Products, and catalog on the main page. And follow us on Youtube and be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog in the US!